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Hawaii Tourism to reveal marketing promotions for 2019 at Global Tourism Summit

Hawaii Global Tourism Summit Opening day of the Global Tourism Summit will feature the unveiling of marketing programs being implemented in 2019 to promote leisure and business travel to the Hawaii from major markets worldwide. Presented by the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), the Global Tourism Summit takes place October 1-3 at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. The summit theme – Charting the Course – encapsulates the balance of managing tourism’s... Read More
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Peak summer travel in Hawaii increased despite Hurricane Lane

Hawaii Hawaii hotels statewide and in Maui County, Kauai, and Oahu reported increases in revenue per available room (RevPAR) and average daily rate (ADR) in August, even as Hurricane Lane’s approach to the Hawaiian Islands increased cancellations to reduce occupancy. Hotels on the island of Hawaii reported declines or flat results in RevPAR, ADR and occupancy for the third straight month, with Lane contributing to the downturn caused by the Kilauea... Read More
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Daily Workout in Waikiki NO Gym necessary

Marco has been a professional fitness instructor for more than 25 years. Equipped with a top German diploma and a unique approach to only use your own body - you can say goodbye to expensive gym memberships. Marco says: "I train exclusively with my own body or body weight to correct deficits in the muscular area with full-body exercises and coordination training. I always use movements from everyday life and always... Read More
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Hawaii timeshare occupancy grew whopping 91.5 percent

Timeshare properties in the Hawaiian Islands reported an average occupancy rate of 91.5 percent (+1.6 percentage points) in the second quarter of 2018, according to the Hawaii Timeshare Quarterly Report: April-June 2018, issued today by the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA). In comparison, hotel properties statewide recorded an average occupancy rate of 80.6 percent (+1.3 percentage points) in the second quarter. Jennifer Chun, HTA tourism research director, commented, “During a quarter that... Read More
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Analysis shows how debt for Hawaii graduates stacks up

"Student Debt and the Class of 2017," TICAS’ 13th annual report on debt for bachelor’s degree graduates of public and nonprofit colleges, finds that Hawaii ranks among the ten lowest average student debt states in the country. According to the report, the average debt load at graduation in 2017 in Hawaii was $25,125, and nearly half of students in the state (49 percent) graduated with debt. “When you’re talking about this... Read More
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How did your U.S. Airport rank in customer satisfaction?

Heathrow Airport, airfield operations guide aircraft to stand, new control tower in background, February 2006, Image Ref CHE03206d, DP North America airports have managed to shrug off the potentially disruptive effects of record passenger volumes and massive construction projects to achieve a record high in overall passenger satisfaction. According to the J.D. Power 2018 North America Airport Satisfaction Study,SM released today, across-the-board improvements in five factors: check-in; food, beverage and retail; accessibility;... Read More
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A New Beginning for Tourism, Sports, and Peace on the Korean Peninsula

To Korea With Love To Korea With Love: Much of the world awoke on September 18th to the hopeful news that the leaders of North and South Korea were meeting in Pyongyang.  On Tuesday evening North Korean leader Kim Jong Un greeted South Korean President Moon Jae-in with a hug. The South Korean President arrived to discuss among other things the end of the Korean Peninsula conflict. Although no one can predict... Read More
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Hawaii hotel management company acquires US mainland properties

Hogan Hospitality Group (HHG), a hotel management company with flagship properties in the state of Hawaii, has obtained a majority interest in Marin Management Inc. (MMI), a California-based hospitality group managing properties in California, Arizona and Texas. With the acquisition, HHG adds 17 hotels, restaurants and spas to its diverse portfolio, with the majority of properties located in California. John Manderfeld, founder and president of Marin Management Inc., will remain president... Read More
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Hawaii Tourism Authority names honorees of Tourism Legacy Awards

Three organizations, Aha Punana Leo; Hawaiian Airlines; and Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa are being presented with the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s (HTA) highest honor – a Tourism Legacy Award – for their efforts to revitalize and normalize Hawaiian language usage in everyday life. Presented annually, the Tourism Legacy Awards honors organizations and individuals that have established a legacy of aloha through their perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture. This year’s awards... Read More
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Trade War USA-China expands to tourism? Hainan Island rivals Hawaii charming Oslo

Hainan just attacked Hawaii in Norway indirectly as a travel, tourism and cultural destination saying it rivals Hawaii. Years ago Hainan stole Hawaii Tourism Logo and Hawaii’s response was to just change the official Hawaii logo. The trade war in tourism between the USA and China may have officially started China Style, through Culture and a soft approach in the backroom. The backroom is Oslo, Norway. when the outspoken Hainan Tourism... Read More