Americans long for Florida, Hawaii and California vacation

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According to the latest research of US holiday market, Florida is the most popular state for a vacation.

The research analyzed Google searches for each US state on vacation packages, rentals, and spots to see which states were most popular for a vacation.

The study found that Florida was the most popular holiday destination for the Americans. The Sunshine State receives, on average, 155,110 searches from vacation-goers every single month. In addition to visitors from other states, more than 10 million overseas tourists visit the state annually.

Hawaii comes in second place on the list, with average monthly searches for vacations in the state sitting at 125,590. A 2019 study from the Hawaii Tourism Authority found that tourist spending in the state brought in more than $17 billion a year, supporting more than 216,000 jobs.

The state with the next highest number of searches is California, with 30,680 on average every month, giving it the third-place position. Visitation to the state is constantly increasing over the past few years, up 22% in 2022 and predicted to increase by 8% in 2023.

Colorado takes fourth place on the list, with 29,840 average vacation searches every month for the Centennial State. A study from the Colorado Tourism Office found that tourism saves every Colorado household $670 annually in taxes based on the $1.5 billion in state and local taxes paid annually by visitors.

Rounding out the top five is Maine, which receives more than 28,260 searches a month from vacation-goers. A lot of Maine’s visitation comes from Canada; in 2019, Canada accounted for 5.4 million visitors.

Rank State Average monthly vacation searches
1 Florida 155,110
2 Hawaii 125,590
3 California 30,680
4 Colorado 29,840
5 Maine 28,260
6 Michigan 24,200
7 Alaska 21,460
8 Oregon 20,530
9 Texas 20,150
10 Tennessee 16,250

It’s interesting to see the huge difference in popularity and search volumes between Florida, Hawaii, and other states on the list, according to research analysts. The sheer demand for vacations in these states may even influence vacation-goers to branch out and look elsewhere for their plans in 2023.

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Americans long for Florida, Hawaii and California vacation


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