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Ex HTA Chief returns to Hawaii tourism

DBEDT is the Department of Business, Economic, Development & Tourism in Hawaii and also responsible for the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA). Mike McCartney was head of HTA from 2009-2014 and was promoted to serve as the Governor’s Chief of Staff in 2014. eTN Chatroom: Discuss with readers from around the world: As is par for the course for decades in the State of Hawaii, many leading positions are shifted around among... Read More
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Tulsi Gabbard US President in 2020? She told CNN but not her father

His daughter Tulsi Gabbard is running for president in 2020. Hawaii Senator Mike Gabbard is currently attending the Farm Bureau convention in New Orleans where President Trump will speak on Monday. Gabbard’s daughter is U.S. Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard. Donald Trump contending against Tulsi Gabbard may become a reality in 2020. Tulsi told CNN today about her plans to officially enter the race for president. After President Obama, she would be the second contender... Read More
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Hawaiian Airlines: Record 11.8 million passengers in 2018

Hawaiian Airlines Hawaiian Airlines today announced that it welcomed a record 11,840,178 guests in 2018, a 2.9 percent increase over the previous year. The record number of passengers in 2018 marks 14 straight years of growth as Hawaiian continues to expand its network and fleet, providing travelers with more options to fly to, from, and within the Hawaiian Islands than any other carrier. Announcing its system-wide traffic statistics for the month,... Read More
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Hawaii Island has a new tourist hotspot in the making

Hawaii Island, also known as the Big Island of Hawaii welcomes a new tourism hotspot in the making. It’a new black sand beach located at Isaac Kepoʻokalani Hale Beach Park. The beach was created after the Kilauea Volcano erupted in May last year . eTN Chatroom: Discuss with readers from around the world: Hot molten lava interacting with cold ocean water produces explosions. Part of that is wave action breaking up the new... Read More
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Popular tourist beaches in Hawaii closed due to bacteria

High bacteria levels in ocean water have caused the closing of three Hawaii tourist beaches in the Aloha State. In Waikiki, Queens Surf beach as well as the Ewa side of Ala Moana Beach Park have signs posted warning swimmers of the high bacteria levels. eTN Chatroom: Discuss with readers from around the world: Both beaches recorded levels around 10 times beyond the threshold for enterococci, commonly found in the digestive... Read More
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Cutting $19.31 an hour pay makes many TSA workers sick

The average pay for a TSA officers in the U.S. is $19.31 an hour, the responsibility a TSA officers have for the US airline safety is enormous. There are roughly 57,600 TSA employee at this time – and they are no longer getting paid due to President Trump’s government shut down. eTN Chatroom: Discuss with readers from around the world: Since TSA officers are considered essential such officers are expected to... Read More
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Hawaii Tourism paradise has a dark side: 117 people dead in 2018

One of the most popular US travel and tourism destinations is also a destination with a dark track record of 117 people that died on its roadways in 2018. One outspoken leader in the travel and tourism industry is the CEO of Charley’s Taxi in Honolulu. She has been outspoken in traffic safety issues and invested heavily to make a difference. Her name is Dale Evans. Tourism income is at its peak... Read More
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Updated US Travel Advisory for China: Will China tourism officials retaliate?

Every day 8000 Chinese tourists enter the United States, and every day an average of 5000 American tourists enter China. Americans should exercise increased caution in China due to arbitrary enforcement of local laws as well as special restrictions on dual U.S.-Chinese nationals. eTN Chatroom: Discuss with readers from around the world: A trade war between the two superpowers is obvious and issuing a travel alert in the midsts of such a... Read More

PATA Micronesia Chapter: New Board of Directors and Chairs

This past month marked the end of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Micronesia Chapter’s directorship for 2017 – 2018. For the past four years (two-year consecutive terms), Pilar Laguaña has led the Micronesia Chapter as the Chairwoman alongside Vice Chairman Bermance Aldis, Secretary Faustina Marugg, Treasurer Judy Torres, and alternate Board Member Paula Monk. The Chapter has five executive standing committees – (1) Marketing, (2) Membership, (3) Education, (4) Culture,... Read More
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Marriott manager takes on Hawaii Tourism: What is his vision?

The Aloha State of Hawaii has had its challenges when it comes to tourism in 2018. From a volcano spewing lava and ash and opening fissures that caught the attention of the national media, to flooding and hurricanes and even rat lungworm disease. And that’s just the mother nature side of the story. Then there were the man-made challenges for the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) in the form a negative state... Read More