Ballistic missile threat inbound for Hawaii – take immediate shelter! A 50-minute panic for tourists and residents

Hawaii may be under attack. “Ballistic missile threat inbound for Hawaii – take immediate shelter. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

“This was the message received on every single mobile phone at 8:07 am this morning in the US State of Hawaii.

A minute later, the entire 911 phone system broke down and calls to Emergency Defense remained unanswered. Civil defense and authorities seemed to be unavailable in Hawaii at this time, but phone lines and the Internet were up and running.

The reality was there was no nuclear shelter to go to – and everyone in the state had 15 minutes before a bomb could have wiped out this island paradise.

At 8:46 am, the all-clear finally was sent out. But before that, Travel and Tourism – life – went into to a panic and came to a stand-still in the Aloha State.

A tweet was seen by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency 22 minutes later, and it only said that there was no threat.

The official all clear on the emergency 911 system was issued about 50 minutes later.

Travel and Tourism in Hawaii are learning how a technical error may be able to put tourism safety on the line. In the meantime, 911 still remains down in Hawaii.

The lesson to learn is that there is no cover to take, and many people, including eTN staff, called relatives in faraway places to tell them “We love you.”

This is a scary situation surfacing for all the world to see. Hawaii is in urgent need of modernization, security, and common sense.

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