Barbados: Ocean Delights in a Tropical Paradise


As an island, Barbados is the perfect vacation destination to indulge in an array of watersports. The tranquil west coast of the island offers excellent conditions for swimming, snorkeling, jetskiing and catamaran cruising. As you head south, the waves become more lively, perfect for kayaking, boogie boarding, and even some beginner surfing. The combination of wind and waves make the southern tip of the island a favorite spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. On the east coast you’ll find the magnificent waves of the Atlantic Ocean, a surfer’s paradise! Sharp cliffs, strong currents, and huge waves make the north coast of Barbados unsuitable for most watersports, but…

There are many lovely bays with welcoming ocean pools for a refreshing dip.

Flying High and Low

Soaring over the water like a super hero with a jet pack on your back is what jet blading is all about.  The rider straps on a jet pack that is connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Using hand controls, the riders is thrust up to 72 feet in the air, feeling a lot like Iron Man!

But if a you want a hands-free experience there is fly boarding where the water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath, getting the same experience of soaring into the air with the power of jets under your feet.

And of course, if you like to fly on the water without taking to the air, there is good old water skiing.

Under the Sea

Shallows reefs are found close to the shore all over Barbados that make it a really enjoyable destination for snorkelers. Trade winds blowing over the island from the northeast, meaning the south and west costs have calm seas. Here the beaches have white sand and easy water access making the conditions ideal for close to short underwater exploration.

But if you like to go a bit deeper, there is scuba diving, of course. Barbados has a stunning portfolio of about 200 shipwrecks just waiting to be explored with some at depths perfect for newbies. Beyond the wrecks, the well-preserved coral environments and unusually-shaped sponges attract sea turtles, parrotfish, rays, and eels.

Cruising Atop the Ocean Blue

For those who prefer a more luxurious laid-back ocean activity, a catamaran cruise usually includes island-inspired food and drinks as you take in the sights along crystal clear coastlines. Some make stops for swimming which could involve a sea turtle or two. Take in the sunshine as you skim across the bay for a day of adventure at sea.

Going Down Under

The only place to enjoy a submarine tour in Barbados is with Atlantis Submarines, where they are celebrating their 35th anniversary in Barbados. Submarine tours offer a sustainable tourism product which raises awareness of the importance of the reef ecosystem while thrilling guests in a journey that takes to a maximum of 150 feet under water among coral and fish, during the day and at night.

Just to Whet your Appetite

These are just a sampling of the many ocean activities to enjoy in Barbados. There’s also regular surfing, wind surfing, and kite surfing, along with stand up paddling, kayaking, glass bottom boat tours, jet skiing, inflatable rides, Hobie cat cruises, boat charters, boogie boarding, foil boarding, and of course, fishing.

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Barbados: Ocean Delights in a Tropical Paradise


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