Breaking News from Hawaii Island: Lava crossed highway, entered Ocean forming toxic fumes

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Hawaii Island County Civil Defense informed, that Lava had crossed Higway 137 at the 13-mile marker and has entered the ocean.A second lava flow is about 437 yards from the highway. The highway is closed between Kamaili Road and Pohoiki Road.

This is the Hawaii Civil Defense Message by Hawaii County for Saturday, May 19 at 11:00pm in the evening.

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory continues to monitor active flows.  Flow front #1 has crossed Highway 137 at the 13-mile marker and has entered the ocean.  Flow front #2 is approximately 400 M from Highway 137.  Highway 137 is closed between Kamaili Road and Pohoiki Road.  Kamaili Road is closed between Highway 130 and Highway 137.  All persons are asked to stay out of the area.

The lava has entered the ocean.  Be aware of the laze hazard and stay away from any ocean plume.

  • Laze is formed when hot lava hits the ocean sending hydrochloric acid and steam with fine glass particles into the air. 
  • Health hazards of laze include lung, eye and skin irritation. 
  • Be aware that the laze plume travels with the wind and can change direction without warning.

The residents of Puna are going through a very difficult time.  We ask for your help and understanding.

We are on watch 24-hours a day for your safety. 

This is your Hawai‘i County Civil Defense.

Residents in the area have been evacuated and the public is asked to stay out of the area, Civil Defense officials said.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority on Friday issued a message: Hawaii is open for business.

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