911 not answering, Civil Defense unreachable, Emergency Sirens blasting

Hawaii Civil defense sirens went off around 5.00 pm Hawaii time. It appears the entire Island of Oahu is under an undefined threat.

911 service and phone service to civil defense seems to be unavailable. A 911 call answered went to the U.S. mainland to an operator who said the service is overwhelmed and calls are re-routed. She did not know why the alarm went off but suggested to remain indoors.

eTN reached out to civil defense and is getting a “busy” constantly.
Sirens are used to alert the population and tourists about a pending danger, like a tsunami, earthquake, attack.
Information is supposed to be on every TV channels, which is not the case at this time.

In January 2018 more than a million people in the State of Hawaii were warned about a missile attack from North Korea, what turned out to be a malfunction.

Tweets by HPD, Civil Defense and the mayor’s office reported a false alarm saying the sirens were based on a malfunction again. Civil defense is blaming the Honolulu Police Department for the second false alarm in the Aloha State, putting visitors and locals in a state of fear.

No all-clear alert has been broadcast on the Emergency Response system using Cable TV. A spokesperson for the civil defense told eTurboNews, since this was a false alarm it was not necessary to post an all-clear. He explained to eTurboNews “all clear” is only given if it was a “real alarm” or a “test” but not when an alarm was triggered in error.

When asked why 911 was down, and why Civil Defense phone lines were unavailable, the spokesperson referred all questions to the mayor’s office.

The Honolulu Police told eTN there was an all-clear send to cell phones, but one has to be signed up for the service in going to the City of Honolulu website.

The Governor’s office told eTN there was no statement or comment by the governor at this time.

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Source: eTurboNews

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