FAA finds Hawaii Airline Unsafe

FAA finds Hawaii Airline Unsafe

Transair and Transair Express is Hawaii-based and operates between the Hawaiian islands.

Freight, cargo, or passengers, all airlines should be safe. A cargo plane crashing on a populated area is not only killing the pilots but also the people on the ground.

Specifically in the United States, air safety is something the country wants to lead the world. In the US State of Hawaii Rhoades Aviation may be closed down by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed to revoke the air carrier certificate of Honolulu-based Rhoades Aviation Inc. for numerous alleged safety violations.  

The FAA alleges that Rhoades: 

  • Failed to maintain Safety Management System records; address issues the FAA found with its general operations manual; conduct proper safety risk management when addressing discrepancies in its aircraft loading, weight and balance, and runway analysis manuals; provide revised manuals to the FAA; provide safety-risk-management documentation when it submitted its administration manual. 
  • Operated two Boeing 737s more than 900 times after failing to add the aircraft to its maintenance and inspection program. 
  • Operated a Boeing 737 airplane on 33 flights when it was not airworthy due to engine compressor fan blades that did not meet manufacturer standards. 
  • Committed numerous violations related to its FAA-required Safety Management System program, including failing to ensure that the program was properly implemented and performing in all areas of its organization. 
  • Conducted improper maintenance work on engine compressor fan blades and failed to properly document the work. 

Operating since 1982, the combined Transair and Transair Express all-cargo fleet of five Boeing 737 and five Bombardier SD3-60-300 aircraft fly daily to all major Hawaiian island destinations of Kauai, Maui, Kona, and Hilo with extended service to Lanai and Molokai. In addition, cargo charters are available to all points within the state of Hawaii.

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FAA finds Hawaii Airline Unsafe


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