First person from Hawaii appointed to serve on National ACLU Executive Committee

First person from Hawaii appointed to serve on National ACLU Executive Committee

Jeffrey Hong has been a member of the ACLU of Hawaiʻi board for 11 years, where he also serves on the governance committee. He is the first person from Hawaii to be named to the National ACLU Executive Committee.

American Civil Liberties of Hawaiʻi (ACLU of Hawaiʻi) board member Jeffrey Hong, has been elected to serve on the executive committee which is comprised of 15 members plus the President of the ACLU. The national executive committee is the governing body of the ACLU and its duties include establishing management, personnel and fiscal policy of the ACLU. Mr. Hong is the first board member from Hawaiʻi to be elected to serve on the national ACLU executive committee.

Hong previously served as the Hawaiʻi Affiliate National Board Representative and as Vice President. In addition to his work with the ACLU, Mr. Hong is the Chief Technology Officer for Techmana, LCC a Hawaiʻi based software development company. He also founded Microsoft’s Hawaiʻi office and served as a Major in the Hawaiʻi Army National Guard as a Military Intelligence Officer. He attended Kaiser High School in Honolulu and earned a bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College in California.

Mr. Hong said: “I am proud to have been elected to this position and I’m excited for the opportunity to bring Hawaii’s unique perspective to the national executive committee. Serving on the board is a humbling honor. I am grateful to have the opportunity to ensure that the civil rights and civil liberties enshrined in the federal and state constitution are upheld for everyone in the islands.”

On the ACLU of Hawaiʻi board, Mr. Hong serves alongside board President Marianita “Nita” Lopez, Vice-President Barbara Franklin, Treasurer Rick Schneider, Secretary Roger Fonseca, at-large members Barbara Ankersmit and Pamela Lichty, National Representative and Equity Officer Misaki Takabayashi, and board members Ibrahim Aoude, George Atkins, Esther Solomon, Patrick Y. Taomae, A. Joris Watland, and Jackie Young.