Hawaii Daily COVID-19 Update: 9/15

Hawaii Daily COVID-19 update of coronavirus reports and statistics from government departments as of Tuesday, September 15, 2020 in the Aloha State.

Lieutenant Governor’s Office: 

COVID-19 Update 

As of today, Lt. Gov. Josh Green and two deputy sheriffs remain the only three (3) positive COVID-19 cases in the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. All eleven (11) other employees have tested negative. Additionally, Lt. Gov. Green’s wife and two children have tested negative. Everyone will remain in quarantine until cleared by DOH investigators. 

Department of Health: 

Case Numbers Continue to Level Off 

DOH is reporting 66 new cases today and one (1) death. An O‘ahu man, with underlying health conditions who had been hospitalized, becomes the 100th person to die from coronavirus-associated illness since the pandemic began in late February. He was in the 60 to 69-year-old age group.  

Hawai‘i COVID-19 Counts as of 12:00 noon, Sept.15, 2020     

Island of Diagnosis     New Cases     Reported since      2/28/2020      (including new cases)   
O‘ahu     59 9,782 
Hawai‘i     599 
Maui    363 
Kaua‘i    58 
Moloka‘i     15 
HI residents diagnosed outside of HI    27 
Total Cases     66 10,844++ 
Deaths     100 

++As the result of updated information, one case from Hawai‘i was removed from the counts and one case from O‘ahu

was recategorized to Hawai‘i. 

Hospitalization count as of 9/14/20 at 4:43 pm: 19-Hawai‘i, 21-Maui, 182-O‘ahu, 0-Kaua‘i   

Laboratory* Testing Data     

There were 1,101additional COVID-19 tests reported via electronic laboratory reporting since last Friday. 

Total Number of Individuals Tested by Clinical and State Laboratories     Positive Negative 
263,008** 10,849 252,135 
Total Number of Surge Tests++   
44,751 266 44,485 

*Electronic Laboratory Reporting **24 test results were inconclusive     

++ Tests results from unique individuals. Total numbers may be higher due to repeat tests on single individuals. 


For more tables, charts and visualizations visit the DOH Disease Outbreak Control Division: https://health.hawaii.gov/coronavirusdisease2019/what-you-should-know/current-situation-in-hawaii 

Department of Public Safety:  

Two Additional COVID-19 Cases Reported  

PSD has received two more positive OCCC test results of staff members. Recovered PSD staff increased from 58 to 62. There were no new positive inmate results received. The number of inmates with active COVID-19 cases dropped to 13. Recovered inmates increased from 279 to 289.The inmate releases directed through the Hawai‘i Supreme Court (HSC) orders are on-going. The list of names/criminal case numbers for defendants released on Monday per HSC court, along with more information on PSD’s planning and response to COVID-19, testing data, and information detailing the efforts made to safeguard the inmates, staff and public, can be found here:   

County of Kaua‘i 

Mayor Announces ‘Resort Bubble’ Program 

Kaua‘i Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami announced a new emergency rule which establishes an Enhanced Movement Quarantine, or “Resort Bubble,” program.

Gov. David Ige signed Mayor’s Emergency Rule 16 authorizing the Enhanced Movement Quarantine program which would permit visitors to leave their hotel rooms to utilize the resort’s property during their mandatory quarantine period. This Resort Bubble concept is a voluntary program for both the resort to participate and the visitor to stay there. 

“We understand the need to address the economic hardship facing our tourism-based community, while also preserving the safety of our residents,” said Mayor Kawakami. “The Resort Bubble program is an added tool to reopening our economy while we learn to co-exist with this virus. It’s not a replacement or the final solution, and we will continue to keep our community updated as we make progress.” 

In order to participate, resorts must establish security and enforcement policies to protect the safety of both guests and employees of the resort. Security and enforcement are the responsibility of the resort, and all rules, such as mask wearing and physical distancing, must be followed. 

Visitors who wish to stay at an Enhanced Movement Quarantine resort must agree to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet that is tracked by the resort. Within established limits, they can utilize the entire resort property, including on-site pools and restaurants. If the monitoring unit is tampered with or the visitor leaves the resort property, hotel security will notify the Kaua‘i Police Department for enforcement. 

To view the governor’s proclamations, the mayor’s emergency rules, and for local updates on Kaua‘i’s coronavirus response, visit the Kaua‘i Emergency Management Agency website: www.kauai.gov/COVID-19.   

Helpful Resources 

  • Maui County
    Maui County mandatory travel declaration form and request for limited quarantine form: 


To report violators: (808) 244-6400 or mpdquarantine@mpd.net 

To report violators: 808-935-3311 

  • City & County of Honolulu 

    Honolulu COVID-19 webpage: 


Interisland passengers arriving on O‘ahu are not subject to the mandatory quarantine.  

To report violators:808-723-3900 or HPDcovidenforce@honolulu.gov 

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