Hawaii DMV Kiosks Have New Added Fee

But there’s also an added benefit

Hawaii DMV Kiosks Have New Added Fee

Motorists in the City and County of Honolulu will be assessed the vendor’s $3 convenience fee when paying to renew their motor vehicle registration at self-service Hawaii DMV kiosks.

The new fee takes effect July 1 and will be on top of a 2.5% fee on credit card and debit cards assessed by financial institutions when used at any of the free-standing terminals that operate much like ATM machines.

The city has been absorbing both costs for providing the service, which offers residents the convenience of accessing a basic government service outside of normal city business hours.

Since satellite city halls closed March 25 to in-person service due to the coronavirus pandemic, motor vehicle registrations have been renewed at kiosks, online and by mail.

“These free-standing terminals have made a basic government function like renewing a vehicle registration accessible at any time convenient for the public with no lines,” said Sheri Kajiwara, director of the city’s Department of Customer Services. “Since the pandemic, the kiosks are no longer a nice-to-have service, but a must-have service as we adapt to the new normal.”

Among key advantages of the Hawaii DMV kiosks is that these machines will print registration cards and stickers on site and accept renewals up to 10 months past the expiration date. By law, late registrations are assessed a standard $16 fee.

For more information, visit honolulu.gov/csd.