Hawaii Has the Most Expensive Mostly Everything – Even Bedrooms

  • New data reveals how much a bedroom’s worth of space costs in each state. 
  • Hawaii has the most expensive bedrooms in the US, with a bedroom’s worth of space costing an average of $62,094.  
  • In Hawaii, the price of a bedroom is nearly four times higher than the average cost of a bedroom in the US. 
  • Washington has the US’s second most expensive bedrooms, with the space of a bedroom costing $44,748 in the state.   

Hawaii has the most expensive bedrooms in the US, new research reveals.  

In Hawaii, a bedroom’s worth of space costs $62,094 – over four times more expensive than the average cost of a bedroom in the US ($16,303), and well above the cost of a bedroom in Washington, the state with the second most expensive bedrooms. 

The research by sleep experts Amerisleep used US census data to find the average price of a square foot of property in every state, and used this data to discover how much it costs to purchase the size of the average American bedroom (134 square feet) in each state.  

The states with the most expensive bedrooms 

State  Rank  Cost of average bedroom (134 sq. feet) per state  Total value of average home Average size of home (square ft.)  Average cost of one square foot  
Hawaii 62094 615300 1,308 470 
Washington 44748 339000 1,000 339 
California 41022 505000 1,625 311 
Massachusetts 28883 381600 1,744 219 
New Jersey 25459 335600 1,740 193 
New York 23474 313700 1,764 178 
Oregon 23152 312200 1,780 175 
Maryland 21643 314800 1,920 164 
Colorado 21315 343300 2,126 161 
Nevada 10 20656 267900 1,712 156 

Washington has the second most expensive bedrooms in the US, with a bedroom’s worth of space costing $44,748 in the state – almost three times higher than the mean cost of the average American bedroom.  

California also has some of the most expensive bedrooms in the US. In California, a bedroom would cost $41,022 – over double the average price of a US bedroom.  

Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York are also high on the list of states with the costliest bedrooms. In Massachusetts, a space the size of the average bedroom would set you back $28,883, while in New Jersey you would pay $25,459 for a bedroom’s worth of space. In New York, a bedroom would cost $23,474.  

At the other end of the scale, Mississippi is the state with the cheapest bedrooms, with a bedroom’s amount of space in the state costing $8,360 – nearly eight times cheaper than a bedroom in Hawaii, and half the national average cost of a bedroom.  

The states with the cheapest bedrooms 

State  Rank  Cost of average bedroom (134 sq. feet) per state ($) Total value of average home Average size of home (square ft.)  Average cost of one square foot  
Mississippi 8360 119000 1,879 63 
West Virginia 9211 119600 1,714 70 
Arkansas 9414 127800 1,792 71 
Oklahoma 10342 136800 1,746 78 
Alabama 10465 142700 1,800 79 
Kentucky 10635 141000 1,750 81 
Indiana 10737 141700 1,742 81 
South Dakota 11118 167100 1,984 84 
Texas 11211 172500 2031 85 
Kansas 10 11252 151900 1782 85 

In West Virginia, the average cost of a bedroom is $9,211, making it the state with the second cheapest bedrooms in America. A bedroom in West Virginia is more than six times cheaper than one in Hawaii, and well below the national average price of $16,303 for a bedroom.  

Oklahoma also has some of the lowest prices for a bedroom in America, with space the size of the average bedroom costing $10,342 in the state. Alabama and Kentucky are among the cheapest states for bedrooms, as well – in Alabama, the size of the average US bedroom would cost $10,465, while in Kentucky the price would be $10,635.  

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