Hawaii Records Third Day of Triple Digits COVID-19 Cases

Hawaii Records Third Day of Triple Digits COVID-19 Cases

The Hawaii Daily COVID-19 update of coronavirus reports and statistics from government departments as of Friday, July 31, 2020 in the Aloha State revealed the third day of triple digits COVID-19 cases.

Department of Health:

123 New Coronavirus Cases Includes 18 Children 

A third day of triple-digit case numbers is being reported by DOH and is the first time total cumulative cases have exceeded 2,000. The 123 newly-diagnosed cases include 18 pediatric cases (18-years-old and younger) and follows 32 pediatric cases reported yesterday. Public health authorities continue to remind everyone to be kind and to act with care, as not only do we need to protect our kupuna, but everyone we love and cherish, including our keiki. Please, each of us must act as if we have the virus and take responsibility for preventing its spread by physically distancing, wearing masks, and washing our hands frequently.

Hawai‘i COVID-19 Counts as of 12:00 noon, July 31, 2020

Island of Diagnosis New Cases Reported since


(including new cases)

O‘ahu 119 1755++
Hawai‘i 0 115
Maui 4 169
Kauai 0 47
Moloka‘i 0 2
Lana‘i 0 0
HI residents diagnosed outside of HI 0 23
Total Cases 123 2,111
Deaths 0 26

++As a result of updated information, one (1) case from O‘ahu was removed from the counts. 

 Laboratory* Testing Data   

There were 1,883 additional COVID-19 tests reported via electronic laboratory reporting.

Total Number of Individuals Tested

by Clinical and State Laboratories

Positive Negative
123,251** 2,109 121,125

*Electronic Laboratory Reporting  **17 test results were inconclusive


For more tables, charts and visualizations visit the DOH Disease Outbreak Control Division: https://health.hawaii.gov/coronavirusdisease2019/what-you-should-know/current-situation-in-hawaii

Hawai‘i Tourism Authority: 

2,650 Passengers Arrive on Thursday 

Yesterday marked 18 weeks since the State’s mandatory 14-day quarantine went into effect for all passengers arriving in Hawai‘i from out of state. Yesterday, a total of 2,650 people arrived in Hawai‘i including 665 visitors and 812 returning residents. There was a total of 31 arriving flights. This table shows the number of people who arrived by air from out of state yesterday but does not show interisland travel.


Crew 8 13 249 7 277
Transit 1 285 286
Military 201 201
Exempt 160 160
Relocate to Hawai‘i 17 11 216 5 249
Returning Resident 34 48 723 7 812
Visitor 31 32 553 49 665
GRAND TOTAL  91  104  2,387  68  2,650 
Flights 3 2 25 1 31


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