Hawaii Tourism Authority Maui sponsoring professional development for event organizers

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The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) is encouraging organizers of festivals and events in the Hawaiian islands to enroll in a sponsored professional development program presented by the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) at a drastically-discounted rate.

Presented in partnership with IFEA and the County of Maui, the program’s curriculum will be offered in two phases on Oahu and Maui during February and April. Participants successfully completing both phases will earn a certificate of completion, and be on their way to earning the recognition of being a Certified Festival & Event Executive (CFEE).

“HTA is sponsoring this educational and certification program as a service to festival and event organizers in support of the important responsibility they have in sharing Hawaii’s culture and community traditions with residents and visitors,” said Caroline Anderson, HTA tourism brand manager.

“HTA invests in dozens of festivals and events statewide and believes there is great value in providing organizations with this special training and educational program to further enrich the visitor experience and foster economic benefits for Hawaii’s communities. Participants will enhance the implementation of their events, gain new knowledge in management, marketing and operations, learn new ways to increase revenue, and can utilize the certification to attract potential sponsors.”

Following are the schedules for the Oahu and Maui CFEE educational classes and course curriculum.

Read the full article here.

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