Hawaii: You are the Solution to Pollution!

Take the pledge to keep storm water clean

Hawaii: You are the Solution to Pollution!

The Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) Storm Water Quality (SWQ) Branch has launched a new “You Are The Solution” campaign, designed to encourage Waipahu residents to put litter in its place, sweep their streets and contain the rain. The program includes a direct mail piece that encourages residents to “Take the Pledge” to be the solution to pollution in their local community.

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our ‘You Are The Solution’ campaign in Waipahu,” said Ross S. Sasamura, P.E., Director and Chief Engineer of the City’s Department of Facility Maintenance. “We believe that each and every one of us has a personal responsibility to protect Hawaii’s environment for future generations, and that we can be the solution through simple efforts like putting litter in its place, sweeping our streets and containing the rain through green infrastructure.”

With 80 percent of ocean trash coming from our land and two-thirds of the world’s fish affected by plastic pollution, it’s vital now more than ever for O‘ahu residents to keep streets clean and sweep in front of their homes regularly. Through the “You Are The Solution” campaign, the City encourages Waipahu residents to make a difference in the community through the following three-pronged initiatives:

  • Put Litter in its Place: Keep loose litter off the street, out of storm drains and the ocean.
  • Sweep Your Streets: Sweep up trash and leaves along the curb. Unclutter your street gutter to protect our ocean.
  • Contain the Rain: Install a rain barrel or other green infrastructure. When rain is contained on your property, less will run off, reducing stream and ocean pollution.

The City has distributed a campaign mailer that encourages Waipahu residents to “Take the Pledge” to put litter in its place, sweep their streets and contain the rain. For more information on this program and how to take the pledge, visit the DFM-SWQ website or call 768-3343.

The mission of the SWQ Branch is to empower and provide guidance for the public on effective ways to minimize our impact on water quality in order to protect public health and the beauty of Oahu. For more information about the SWQ Branch and upcoming volunteer opportunities, please visit www.cleanwaterhonolulu.com