HCCC set on fire by inmates: Situation under control

HCCC set on fire by inmates: Situation under control

The Hawaii Community Correctional Center has reported unrest that began at 3:45 p.m., involving inmates in the  A-wing of the Wainuenue housing module. 

This is reported by the Hawaii Department of Public Safety.

Inmates have set a fire and barricaded doors.  Hawaii Fire Department is on the scene along with Hawaii Police and State Sheriffs who were called to assist.   Emergency response teams made up of correctional officers, with the assistance of Hawaii Police and Sheriffs, are responding. 


The situation at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center (HCCC) is contained.  Emergency response teams made up of correctional officers from Hawaii Community Correctional Center (HCCC) and Kulani Correctional Facility used non-lethal means to subdue inmates, gain compliance and bring order back to the housing unit by 5:30 p.m.   The PSD Institutions Division Administrator is on his way to Hilo to assess the situation at the facility.  Damage to the housing unit is being assessed at this time.  Inmates and correctional staff are undergoing a full medical evaluation. 

“All the credit goes to the HCCC Warden and his staff for acting swiftly to mobilize their emergency response team and to bring order back to the facility,” said Maria Cook, Deputy Director for Administration. “We would also like to acknowledge the Kulani warden, and her staff, as well as the State Sheriffs, Hawaii Fire Department and Hawaii Police Department for their assistance.”

Investigations are underway by both Hawaii Police and the Department of Public Safety.  There are 25 inmates in that housing wing who will all be questioned to determine what prompted the unrest and who was directly involved.    Inmates found culpable will be criminally and administratively charged.