How Wi-Fi in Waikiki could save Tourism from COVID-19?

Hawaii once more is welcoming urgently-needed visitors in the midst of a coronavirus spike in the rest of the country.  

COVID-19 infection numbers are down and the virus seems to be under control in the Aloha State, but today the flood gates to tourism from the US mainland opened, and visitors are now allowed to arrive in the state avoiding the 14-day mandatory quarantine with a COVID-19 test received up to 3 days before departure.

Surveillance testing, an app that is supposed to track visitors but may not be enough, could lead to a disaster for the travel and tourism industry in Hawaii and for residents’ health.

Meet Edward B.T. Sun of CEO, Sun Global Broadband. He discussed challenges and concerns for visitors and residents of Hawaii. Edward was involved in putting a Waikiki-wide Wi-Fi system in place.

Ed is working on a super long-range Wi-Fi Smart City network to a “country-to-country safe travel bubble,” working on coordination with many airports around the world.

Frank  Szczepanski, the Co-founder and Chairman of  IV Diagnostics in Maui, has his own approach to testing for COVID-19.

This one-hour discussion was arranged by, a global think tank with tourism leaders in 120 countries discussing a way forward for tourism. The discussion was rudely interrupted by unknown hackers infiltrating the zoom conference with dancing and music. It was a strange but amusing interruption of the event.

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Source: eTurboNews

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