Interview with Dale Evans: Issues facing Hawaii’s transportation industry

Dale Evans of Charley’s Taxi in Honolulu is a long-time leader in Hawaii’s transportation industry.

Charley’s 80-year history, issues facing transportation in Hawaii, the City’s efforts to deregulate the taxi industry, the challenges faced by taxi companies in the age of Uber.

Dale was a taxi driver in 1957 and proudly showed her badge during this interview. Today she is the CEO of the second largest taxi company in the State of Hawaii and an outspoken advocate on what she thinks is unfair treatment by State regulators.

Dale Evans is also an advocate for safety first. What she does to implement this philosophy into her business reality is amazing and unique.

Her taxi company is a lot more than taking a visitor from Waikiki to the airport. Listen to this eyeopening interview.

The host for this episode is Marsha Joyner.

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