Ireland lifts all visa requirements for Ukrainians with immediate effect

In in a show of solidarity with Ukraine, that is currently under vicious Russian attack, Ireland’s Department of Justice issued an emergency order today, lifting all visa requirements between Ireland and Ukraine with immediate effect.

The emergency order will “assist” Irish citizens and their families in Ukraine, which has faced brutal attacks from the Russian military in recent days. 

Ireland’s Justice Minister Helen McEntee said she is “appalled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” and that the emergency measure applies to all Ukrainians who wish to travel to Ireland amid the Russian onslaught. 

“I am appalled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We stand with the Ukrainian people and we will play our part in assisting them in their time of need. That’s why I am immediately lifting visa requirements between Ukraine and Ireland. This will apply to all Ukrainians,” the Minister wrote on Twitter.

Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin originally suggested on Wednesday, that the lifting of visa requirements would be forthcoming in light of Moscow’s military action in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a full-scale military attack on Ukraine on Thursday.

“There will be a significant migration issue arising from these attacks, we will have to play our part in helping those who will have to flee Ukraine and we do that in solidarity with our European colleagues,” Martin said on Thursday.

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Ireland lifts all visa requirements for Ukrainians with immediate effect


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