Last Minute Hawaii Vacation: Luxury Hotels, first-class air for budget rates

Last Minute Hawaii Vacation: Luxury Hotels, first-class air for budget rates

Book your exclusive and private holiday to a tropical island paradise Hawaii. Your packag-tour to Hawaii includes a flight on a private commercial jet like United Airlines,  a luxury resort just for yourself, and all for the lowest budget price ever offered for a Hawaiian vacation.

268 tourists arrived in Honolulu yesterday according to a news release from the Hawaii Tourism Authority. Some had an entire widebody aircraft just for their family. Keeping social distance on flights to Hawaii seems to be realistic these days.

Airfares to Hawaii are at so low as never ever seen before. The few luxury beach hotels still open are selling rooms for the same rate as budget hotels usually do.

Shopping malls, shops, coffee shops, and restaurants are closed. One resort hotel after another is closing their doors. Not only did some passengers experience a private commercial airplane, but chances are they will be the only guest in a luxury resort hotel in Waikiki.

It sounds like the ideal Hawaiian Vacation package.

It is beautiful and sunny in the Aloha State today. The weather is ideal to work on your tropical tan. Make sure you booked a hotel room with a Lanai. Lanai is the Hawaiian word for a balcony. What about requesting a suite upgrade? 

Waikiki Beach Park, Kapiolani Park, and all attractions are closed. Cultural events are canceled. Forget about nightclubs, but enjoy a quiet ghost-like town Waikiki.

Once getting off the plane in Honolulu arriving from the US mainland, a visitor is met by a State of Hawaii agricultural officer. The visitor has to show his or her ID or Passport and provide exact their hotel information.

The officer will send the information to the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) new command center at the Hawaii Convention Center. The hotel will receive a call from the Tourism Authority and must verify that there is a legitimately secured reservation for the visitor.

Once this is verified, the visitor will be allowed to take a shuttle bus, an Uber or taxi to the hotel. Once the guest checks in, it means he or she will be confined to her or his hotel room for 2 weeks.

Guests are not allowed to go down to the pool, use the gym, the hotel restaurants, and the beach or the street. All of this is off-limits. Authorities will frequently and randomly call guests to make sure they answer the phone in their hotel.

Hotel staff is also the hotel police and mandated to report guests in quarantine if they attempt to leave the room. Since you may be the only guest, it won’t be difficult to keep track of a visitor.

The guest has to either call room service or an outside delivery like Uber Eats to get food or drinks delivered to the room.

If there is no answer, the Honolulu Police Department will send officers to the hotel and the guest may face arrest or one year in jail or a $5000.00 fine.

After two weeks in quarantine without signs of Coronavirus, a guest is allowed to use hotel facilities like the pool, gym, spa or restaurants. The streets of Waikiki and beaches remain off-limits to anyone however, due to the Statewide stay home rule.

Any guest wanting to return home before the 2-week mandatory confinement is allowed to do so.

Welcome to the new picture-perfect private vacation to Hawaii for anyone with an ocean-facing room with Lanai. 

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Family members of an Ewa Beach, Hawaii  man battling #COVID19 warns, take this seriously! Coby Torda had a cough, then a fever in early March. Tonight, the 37-year old, who was in good health, is fighting for his life in the ICU. Please don’t bring more Coronavirus visitors-  but we love you!


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