Lockdown extended on Oahu until September 24

Honolulu Mayor Caldwell in cooperation with Governor Ige extended the stay at home order until September 24 with one exception.

With new infections going down on Oahu, the stay at home order seems to be working. Numbers are still high compared to what it was before the last reopening.

Parks and beaches will reopen for single activities, not group activities. It means even families will be forced to split such activities on an individual basis and not go to parks in groups. One person to the park at a time. This will be reinforced.

Dining in parks for individuals will also be allowed.

There will be a lot more science put in place when it comes to reopening the economy after September 24. This will be worked out in the next days.

The Mayor now supports mandatory testing for tourists and does not find it necessary to continue a mandatory quarantine for everyone coming to the state.

“I believe traveling spreads the virus. We had 300 cases a day, and many died. My message to US travel in saying they would not support any quarantine is that people die. Traveling is a source when it comes to spreading the virus. Of course the travel business wants to open.”

Listen to the press conference

Details of the order:

Mayor Kirk Caldwell today announced that Governor David Ige has approved the City and County of Honolulu’s amended Order that extends the Second Stay at Home / Work from Home Order through Wednesday, September 23.

This Order requires all individuals anywhere in the City to shelter in place — that is, stay at home and work from home — except for certain essential activities and work to provide essential business and government services or perform essential public infrastructure construction, including housing.

Under the amended Emergency Order, City parks, botanical gardens, trails, beaches, and community gardens will be re-opened beginning Thursday, September 10 for the limited use of walking, running, biking, sitting, fishing, and other lawful activity, but only by oneself. No group use or group activities are allowed. Basketball and tennis courts, swimming pools, and playgrounds shall remain closed.

State parks/trails and beaches are reopened for the above limited use as announced by the State Department of Land and Natural Resources consistent with this Amended Second Stay at Home / Work from Home Order.

Regular park closure hours remain in effect and social gatherings of any type and any number of people are still prohibited, both indoors and outdoors. All other State or City restrictions related to COVID-19 must be followed, including, but not limited to, any applicable quarantine restrictions.

A signed version of the Amended Emergency Order No. 2020-26, will be posted at honolulu.gov.

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