Seychelles Tourism: What is Hawaiian Poké you might well ask?

Seychelles, an island nation in the Indian Ocean this week explained what Hawaiian Poke is, and both residents and visitors to Seychelles love it. Similar to Hawaii, the Seychelles largest industry is travel and tourism.

This Hawaii Tourism Promotion in Seychelles is unique, it’s free and cuisine is about bringing cultures and also tourism together.

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Here is the article that appeared in the Saint Ange Reoport in Victoria, Seychelles today:

What is Hawaiian Poké you might well ask?

Poké is a dish that originated in Hawaii and has taken the major cities of the world by storm in the last year or so. You can find Poké restaurants now in London, Los Angeles, Paris, Melbourne, you name it they are there. And now Poké is now available in Seychelles at the Club Liberté 5 Spices Restaurant. First of all you have to be able to pronounce it! Poké (Po-Keh)  / poʊˈkeɪ / verb – Hawaiian to ‘slice’ or ‘dice’.

It is a classic Hawaiian dish of cubed, marinated fish. Traditionally in Hawaii the local fisherman would haul in their catch, dice it up, season it and eat on the spot, mixed with a few vegetables and fruits. The ‘Poké Bowl’ is a modern approach to this concept and normally includes a base of rice or slaw topped with seaweeds, fruit salsas, pickles and garnishes. It is rather like deconstructed sushi in a bowl. The big advantage of Poké in the Seychelles is that pretty well all the ingredients – fish, fruits, vegetables – are easily and freshly obtainable in the Seychelles. The Club Liberté has now brought these authentic flavours, fresh from the shores of Hawaii to the Seychelles. Riding the wave of the Hawaiian Poké phenomenon which swept its way through America, Club Liberté Poké brings the full-on Pacific flavour to the Seychelles.

It must be admitted that Nurettin, the Head Chef at the Club Liberté was not really aware of Poké either, until the 5 Spices’ international customers started to ask if Poké was available. As they could get it at home, they wanted to try it in the Seychelles where the best ingredients are freshly available. After a few weeks of trials, Nurettin and Jerico, the sushi chef, have now perfected their Poké Bowl and it is available on the 5 Spices menu. What is in it? Fresh marinated tuna, sushi rice, avocado, wakame seaweed salad, red cabbage, cucumber, carrot, pickled ginger and vegetables, red radish, nori leaves and their subtle secret blend of spices. You can also ask to build your own Poké Bowl with other items that you might fancy. Just ask the chef when you order.

And it is good for you! You can get your protein-packed bowl of Hawaiian Poké, for a dish that almost looks too good to eat. Of course, it goes almost without saying that the 5 Spices Restaurant is passionate about using the best quality and sustainable ingredients. They use only top grade raw fish and premium Japanese rice. When you first try Poké you will be blown away by the fresh and punchy flavours. 5 Spices has tried to bring a little of that to the Seychelles and they hope you feel at home next time you visit.

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