Shot 20 times on a busy Friday night in Waikiki

The Hawaii Tourism Authority, the Honolulu Mayors’ Office, and the Honolulu Police Department remain unresponsive to questions about the deadly violence that has become a repeat threat to Hawaii’s Travel and Tourism industry.

A 25-year-old man was shot at around 10.00 pm Friday night on a busy intersection of Kalakaua Ave and Lewers in the action center of Waikiki Beach.

According to social media postings, 20 shots were fired, and two armed suspects fled by car.

Honolulu Emergency Medical Services brought the 25-year-old man in critical condition to the hospital.

Safety should be a top priority regarding tourism. Beautiful beaches and perfect weather will not attract potential visitors if the destination feels unsafe.

HTA has been talking much about “Malama” and respecting the land and Hawaiian culture. Getting shot at in paradise is not part of the spirit of Aloha.

Honolulu should not become another town where violent gangs rule the street, and crime is a routine and daily occurrence.

Years ago, eTN Safety and Security expert Dr. Peter Tarlow worked with Honolulu Police and was the brain behind building a police station visible to all visitors. This police station has been now serving Waikiki for many years and is located next to Waikiki Beach on Kalakaua Avenue. The shooting today happened just a minute away.

Voices are getting louder to increase police presence in Waikiki, where most tourists visit, have fun, and shop.

We need to Malama our home before we expect others to.

Shot 20 times on a busy Friday night in Waikiki

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Shot 20 times on a busy Friday night in Waikiki


Source: eTurboNews

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