TheBus operator tests positive for COVID-19

TheBus operator tests positive for COVID-19

A TheBus operator has tested positive for coronavirus, Oʻahu Transit Services, Inc. (OTS), operator of TheBus confirmed today.

On Friday, 11/20/2020, the operator confirmed that they had tested positive for COVID-19. The operator’s last day of work was Monday 11/2/2020, and experienced no symptoms and had no close contact with employees or riders. The operator had been off since, and got tested on 11/17/2020 after another household member tested positive.

TheBus has taken steps to reduce the risk of infection while riding or operating a transit vehicle. Plastic curtains have been installed on all buses to provide a barrier between drivers and passengers as they board. Seats closest to the operator have been made unavailable to provide greater space and extra buses have been added on busy routes to provide more area for physical separation. All buses and vans are disinfected daily by wiping down all touch surfaces manually with a strong anti-virus disinfectant and receive nightly disinfecting fogging using an electrostatic spraying system. All OTS employees are temperature checked daily.

The City continues to remind the public that only essential trips should be taken on public transit, and that wearing a face mask or covering while entering and riding on a bus or a TheHandi-Van is required. Transit riders should continue practicing good hygiene and physical distancing. People who are sick or in poor health conditions should stay at home and not ride public transit.