Tourism to remain closed in Hawaii: Expected!

Juergen Steinmetz, founder of Hawaii based  with tourism leaders in 117 countries discussing the relaunch of the travel and tourism industry now predicts  Hawaii will not be ready to welcome visitors from the rest of the United States and from international destinations.

The situation in regards to COVID-19 had changed dramatically in most major source visitors source markets. The daily new infections are also elevated in Hawaii after businesses gradually opened. With 271 active cases and 19 death, Hawaii however remains the safest state in the nation.

Earlier today Hawaii News Online explained the alarming situation the rest of the United States is with the COVID-19 outbreak. Mayors from the 4 counties in Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii, Kauai, Maui)  met today with Governor David Ige to discuss the changed realities.

According to a report by Hawaii Civil Beat, the mayors of Honolulu, Hawaii, and Kauai counties said their islands are no longer ready to allow incoming trans-Pacific travelers to opt-out of the state’s 14-day quarantine — at least not without some major policy changes. Apparently the mayor from Maui did not comment.

Yesterday the Honolulu City Council also urged Governor Ige to delay opening the floodgates for visitors.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services, which has conducted a sweeping portion of COVID-19 diagnostic tests in the islands, has been cut off from chemical reagents from its primary vendor, Roche Diagnostics. Supplies are being diverted to higher priority states.

eTurboNews contacted a spokesperson for Honolulu Mayor Caldwell. He did not deny the Civil Beat report and added “It was a productive meeting, but we’ll defer comments until the Governor makes an announcement.”

Juergen Steinmetz added: “As a 35-year resident I have confidence in our authorities. Hawaii’s leadership so far had clearly shown to put safety and health over money. I expect an announcement tomorrow, and I am confident it will be a postponement of our opening to visitors. I would support such a move as highly appropriate to secure the future of our important travel and tourism industry, and the welfare of our people. Any different move would be very surprising considering the current realities.”

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Hawaii Tourism to remain closed for visitors: Not yet official, but predicted


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