Waialua Beach Road gets temporary bus stops and fencing

The City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Transportation Services (DTS), and the Department of Design and Construction (DDC), will be installing temporary bus stops and fencing for Bridge 605, Waialua Beach Road Ki‘iki‘i Stream Crossing. Temporary bus stops will be placed around Waialua, to ensure convenient access to TheBus routes. The fencing will restrict all access across the bridge, after recent reports of travelers going around existing barriers to cross or loiter.

The bridge, located on Waialua Beach Road between Goodale Avenue to the west and Haleʻiwa Road to the east, is anticipated to remain closed until fall 2021. Under normal circumstances, repairs to correct damage of this magnitude can take 1 – 2 years. However, the City is expediting design, permitting, coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers and construction to decrease the bridge’s closure to 6 – 9 months.

Temporary bus stops have been installed to ensure convenient access to TheBus routes on detour. With the temporary closure of eastbound bus stops #2202 Waialua Beach Road & Goodale Avenue, and #2203 Waialua Beach Road opposite Haleʻiwa Road, new TheBus stops for Routes 76 and Weekday peak-hour express Route 83 were installed at the following locations:

  1. Mauka-bound on Goodale Avenue, far-side of Waialua Beach Road
  2. Mauka-bound on Goodale Avenue, far-side of Kealohanui Street
  3. Mauka-bound on Goodale Avenue, nearside opposite Haona Street
  4. Wahiawā-bound on Farrington Highway, far-side of Kaupē Road
  5. Mokulēʻia-bound on Farrington Highway, far-side opposite Kaupē Road

TheBus Routes 76 and 83 will travel to Waialua on regular route, then travel via the detour route to continue on Haleʻiwa Road.

As the City works toward permit approval, construction of temporary fencing will be installed starting Monday, May 17th, to restrict all access across the Ki‘iki‘i stream bridge. The fence will be eight feet high, and will be supported on T-stands weighed down with sandbags. The temporary fencing will be split in two installments: fencing across the Haleʻiwa side of the bridge and fencing blocking off the future construction area on the Waialua side of the bridge.

Fencing on the Haleʻiwa side will run along the downstream guard rail across the road, and run along the upstream guard rail. The termination points of fencing will be chained to the guard rail and locked.

Fencing on the Waialua side will continue from the downstream Waialua guard rail, turn a right angle towards the Waialua elementary and Dole property, and stretch across the road and the dirt lot. Termination points for fencing will be chained and locked at the guard rail and Dole property fencing. This fencing will enclose the main staging area for construction during upcoming bridge repair work.

The flash flood that occurred on March 9, 2021 required the evacuation of Haleiwa town, and underwater inspections were conducted on City bridges in the area. Severe undermining was found below the west abutment foundation at Waialua Beach Road Bridge. Approximately 30 feet of the abutment foundation was exposed, with the undermining extending horizontally up to 4 feet under the pile cap. With the area below the pile cap exposed, it was discovered that the ends of the wood piles supporting the front of the pile cap were missing and may have been damaged during the flood event and washed away. With no connection to the front row of piles, the abutment foundation was determined to be unstable and unsafe for commuter travel. Additional scouring may be detrimental to the back row of piles, removing all support at the west end of the bridge. The lack of structural support required the immediate closure of this bridge for public safety. 

The State Department of Transportation continues to monitor the intersection of Farrington Highway and Kaukonahua Road (Thompson Corner), that was converted to an all-way stop. Stop signs, stop bars, and a four-way flashing beacon have been installed. For additional information on the intersection improvements, please click here: https://hidot.hawaii.gov/highways/updates-on-thompson-corner-all-way-stop-complete-farrington-highway-and-kaukonahua-road-can-be-viewed-on-goakamai.

A traffic camera has been installed at the intersection which allows the public to see current traffic conditions. The camera can be viewed at www.GoAkamai.org or by downloading the GoAkamai app on mobile devices.

Commuters traveling between the west end of Waialua Beach Road and Haleʻiwa must continue to use Goodale Avenue, Farrington Highway, Kaukonahua Road, and Weed Circle. Bridge, road closure and detour signs are posted, and barriers are placed at both sides of the bridge and at points of the road closure. Variable messaging signs are also placed to assist with detouring around the affected area. Please plan extra travel time between Waialua and Haleʻiwa.

For students and parents of Waialua Elementary commuting from the east, please use the detour via Goodale Avenue to access the school via Waialua Beach Road eastbound. Only residents who live on Waialua Beach Road between the east side of the bridge and Haleʻiwa Road are permitted to drive beyond the posted road closure signs to access their residences.

The City would like to remind everyone that the Waialua bridge is closed to all vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles. Loitering and fishing on the bridge is also prohibited. Emergency vehicles will be able to respond to emergencies using the detours. All travelers must follow the rules of the road and obey all traffic signals and signage. Please travel with extreme caution and aloha.

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