World’s best cities for bachelor and bachelorette parties

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Getting ready to get married is quite a thrilling time for anyone, with so much to look forward to and plenty of fun in the planning.

There’s one aspect of the planning that seems much more exhilarating than the others, though.

The bachelor and bachelorette parties give brides and grooms the chance to relax and enjoy the last single life party time with their friends before saying ‘I do’.

While arranging the wedding itself is a monumental undertaking, planning the bachelor and bachelorette shindy can be almost as epic, with things like fun, food, drinks, and the guest list to plan and coordinate.

And, of course, the main question always is where will the bachelor or bachelorette party be?

According to wedding experts, 97% of bachelor and bachelorette parties are now becoming overnight events, so why not catch the plane and host your last single life bash in a different city, or better yet – different country?

With so many cities around the world offering something different, industry experts conducted research into the best destinations for a pre-wedding party.

The analysts compared the number of the nightlife attractions, casinos and Airbnb rates for bachelor parties and the number of the nightlife attractions and spas for bachelorette shindigs and ranked some popular global destinations according to their suitability for the party of a lifetime!

Top 10 bachelor party destinations

  1. Prague, Czech Republic, Bachelor Party Score – 8.75
  2. Milan, Italy, Bachelor Party Score – 7.96
  3. Paris, France, Bachelor Party Score – 7.62
  4. Lisbon, Portugal, Bachelor Party Score – 7.42
  5. Barcelona, Spain, Bachelor Party Score – 7.42
  6. Dublin, Ireland, Bachelor Party Score – 7.28
  7. Vancouver, Canada, Bachelor Party Score – 7.08
  8. Budapest, Hungary, Bachelor Party Score – 7.08
  9. Brussels, Belgium, Bachelor Party Score – 6.67
  10. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Bachelor Party Score – 6.6
  • With an overall score of 8.57, Prague came out on top. With 793 nightlife attractions and 56 casinos, the city will keep the guests entertained.
  • Milan came in second, with roughly 2 nightlife attractions per km2, demonstrating that the city is more than just one of the world’s fashion capitals.
  • Paris, dubbed “the city of love”, offers nearly 5 nightlife attractions per km2. Yes, it is one of the more expensive cities on the list, but with a 7.62 rating, it is well worth it!
  • Just shy of the top 10, Miami made it to the 11th spot in the overall ranking. Despite this, the city made it to the 8th spot in the nightlife ranking and also 3rd in the casino ranking. So, if you don’t want to cross the Atlantic Ocean for your bachelor party, US soil hosts some ideal destinations.
  • Las Vegas also dominated the casino rating, holding 1st place here. Despite being rated 13th overall, we can see a gem on US soil, especially if a casino trip is on the cards for the partying bachelors.
  • Maybe you want to take St Paddy’s spirit on your bachelor’s trip. With Dublin taking the 6th spot overall, you could be greeted with the luck of the Irish whilst also enjoying the 3rd ranked city for its nightlife! 

Top 10 bachelorette party destinations

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