You Cannot be SAD in Hawaii

A study released by CertaPet revealed that Hawaii is the least US state affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Aside from being the only state that grows coffee commercially, Hawaii is greatly known for its paradise-like beaches.

Key findings of the study:

  • 65% of sunrise and sunset reaches the ground during winter in Hawaii.
  • 67.4 degrees is the average temperature during the winter months in Hawaii.
  • Seasonal depression can cause symptoms like low energy, sluggishness, or difficulty concentrating. In others, it can mean weight gain, oversleeping, and feelings of hopelessness. 
  • Google searches of specific mental health conditions like anxiety and PTSD soared in 2020. 
  • Missouri, Florida, and Arizona follow as the next states least susceptible to seasonal depression with state scores hovering above 39 out of 50 for each state.
  • Alaska and Ohio are the states most susceptible to seasonal depression with scores of 19.58 and 19.97
  • Alaska’s average temperature during the winter months is 2.6 degrees.
  • Ohio search volume for the term “seasonal depression” was 100 – the highest of all 50 states.
  • Minnesota and Montana score 21.68 and 22.08 for the states with most susceptible to seasonal depression.
  • The top states who experience wintertime blues are Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Vermont, and Alaska. 
  • States with high average percentages of sunshine and low search volume of the term “seasonal depression,” are sunny states like Arizona, California, and Nevada.
  • Insomnia, followed by ADHD are the most Googled mental health condition, top-searched in 20 states, predominantly in the Southeast, Southwest, and Northeast regions of the US.

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