CAIR condemns anti-Muslim hate rhetoric at Hawaii-Israel Alignment event

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today condemned anti-Muslim hate rhetoric spewed at a recent event organized by the Hawaii-Israel Alignment group and published online under the title “Islam is coming for you.”

In video excerpts published by CAIR, American Truth Project founder Barry Nussbaum makes a number of hate-filled Islamophobic statements, including:

  • “You need to know who your enemies are.”
  • “They’re coming for you, and given the chance they will kill you.”
  • “In this country, they’ll want to institute sharia.”
  • “Several of them today sit in the House of Congress.”
  • A Muslim woman is a “slave to her husband” and he can “beat her to death.”
  • Muslim women cannot own property, drive a car, go out in public, or vote.
  • The Quran, Islam’s holy text, is “The most horrific story you have ever read in your life.”
  • “It’s in America today.”
  • “I want you to understand the threat is here right now.”
  • The Russian KGB made up the word “Palestinian.”
  • “There is no Palestinian history.”
  • “There is 400 of them [American Muslims] running for office right now and they believe in sharia.”
  • “You will accept the Quran as your Bible, or you will be [makes chopping motion] with the sword. . .Those are the only two choices.”

WATCH: Barry Nussbaum’s Anti-Muslim Hate Rhetoric at Hawaii-Israel Alignment Event

“We condemn this hate rhetoric and urge religious and political leaders in Hawaii to repudiate the anti-Muslim bigotry spewed at this event,” said CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert McCaw.

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