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Hawaii Tourism to reveal marketing promotions for 2019 at Global Tourism Summit

Hawaii Global Tourism Summit Opening day of the Global Tourism Summit will feature the unveiling of marketing programs being implemented in 2019 to promote leisure and business travel to the Hawaii from major markets worldwide. Presented by the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), the Global Tourism Summit takes place October 1-3 at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. The summit theme – Charting the Course – encapsulates the balance of managing tourism’s... Read More
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How did your U.S. Airport rank in customer satisfaction?

Heathrow Airport, airfield operations guide aircraft to stand, new control tower in background, February 2006, Image Ref CHE03206d, DP North America airports have managed to shrug off the potentially disruptive effects of record passenger volumes and massive construction projects to achieve a record high in overall passenger satisfaction. According to the J.D. Power 2018 North America Airport Satisfaction Study,SM released today, across-the-board improvements in five factors: check-in; food, beverage and retail; accessibility;... Read More
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A New Beginning for Tourism, Sports, and Peace on the Korean Peninsula

To Korea With Love To Korea With Love: Much of the world awoke on September 18th to the hopeful news that the leaders of North and South Korea were meeting in Pyongyang.  On Tuesday evening North Korean leader Kim Jong Un greeted South Korean President Moon Jae-in with a hug. The South Korean President arrived to discuss among other things the end of the Korean Peninsula conflict. Although no one can predict... Read More
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Trade War USA-China expands to tourism? Hainan Island rivals Hawaii charming Oslo

Hainan just attacked Hawaii in Norway indirectly as a travel, tourism and cultural destination saying it rivals Hawaii. Years ago Hainan stole Hawaii Tourism Logo and Hawaii’s response was to just change the official Hawaii logo. The trade war in tourism between the USA and China may have officially started China Style, through Culture and a soft approach in the backroom. The backroom is Oslo, Norway. when the outspoken Hainan Tourism... Read More
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Bail Reform in Hawaii: ACLU wants to end Money Bail

The ACLU of Hawai‘i Foundation invites the public to “#EndMoneyBail for a Better Hawai‘i and a Better Nation” – a panel discussion focused on bail reform on Thursday, September 29th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Arts at Marks Garage in downtown Honolulu. The event will also be streamed live and remote audience questions taken over Facebook Live. The panel will include experts addressing the scope and framework for ending... Read More
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Guam: Stay indoors for the all clear on Typhoon Mangkhut

Currently, it’s 4 am Tuesday morning in the US Territory of Guam. Locals and tourists are mostly safe in hotels, homes, and shelters as Typhoon Mangkhut swirled away from the Marianas leaving a path of toppled trees, downed power lines and scattered debris. Guam resident and visitors were advised to stay indoors and wait for officials to give the all-clear. As  Tuesday morning the storm was moving away from the islands,... Read More
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Cargo ships now back on track to service Hilo and Kawaihae, Hawaii

Artist rendering of Matson Kanaloa Class vessel. Courtesy General Dynamics NASSCO (PRNewsFoto/Matson, Inc.) Matson Navigation Company,a U.S. carrier in the Pacific, is mobilizing to resume cargo operations to the Big Island of Hawaii following the State of Hawaii declaring the ports of Hilo and Kawaihae open for commercial operations. Having been positioned in a safe area east of the Big Island, Matson’s barge Columbia is now expected to be dockside at Hilo, Saturday,... Read More
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Potential For Fiji Hotels To Reduce Import Bill

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) with Government is trying to convince hotels and resorts in Fiji to locally source fresh produce – and farmers have a role too. Hotels and resorts in Fiji spent over FJ$74 million last year buying fresh produce. Less than half (48 per cent) of that was sourced locally. This is according to an IFC-led ‘From the Farm to the Tourist’s Table’ study, launched by the Minister... Read More
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More of The Same For Hawaii Tourism?

Noted local economist Dr. Paul Brewbaker was the guest speaker at the August, 2018, Hawaii Tourism Wholesalers Association meeting. A graduate of Stanford University and the University of Hawaii, Brewbaker is the Principal of TZ Economics, a Hawaii economics consultancy. His background in research on the Hawaii economy and financial risk analytics stems from a 25-year affiliation with Bank of Hawaii, concluding as its Chief Economist. The Hawaii Tourism Wholesalers Association... Read More
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Tongan Prime Minister urges Pacific Island leaders to fight rampant obesity

Prime Minister of Tonga Akilisi Pohiva urges Pacific Island leaders to fight obesity The Prime Minister of Tonga Akilisi Pohiva has called on fellow heads of state in the Pacific to slim down to set the right example for the region’s rotund residents. He even suggested they could set up a weight-loss competition. The Pacific is home to the world’s highest rates of obesity and non-communicable diseases, and Pohliva has proposed... Read More