Covid Booster Required for Indoor Dining, Bars and Gyms on Maui

Maui County will be the first county in the State of Hawaii to require booter shots for those who are eligible in order to be considered fully vaccinated. This means a booster will be required to enter restaurants, bars, and gyms.

Beginning January 8, those who decline a booster won’t be allowed in Maui indoor restaurants, bars, and gyms, unless they can show proof of a negative COVID test within 48 hours prior to wanting to enter the establishments.

As far as dining goes, patrons may still dine outdoors without a vaccination card or proof of a recent negative COVID test or they may order takeout.

Both Maui Mayor Michael Victorino and Hawaii Department of Health spokesman Brooks Baehr are all for this change in fully vaccinated status. While the CDC recommends those who are eligible to get a booster, it has not changed the definition of fully vaccinate to include it. With the series of 2 vaccinations, CDC data shows that protection diminishes over time, and the booster re-enrgizes the body’s natural defense systems.

To be eligible for a booster, it must have been 6 months since someone received their second Pfizer or Moderna vaccination or 2 months since receiving the Johnson & Johnson shot.

In Hawaii, less than 25% of residents have received the booster, while close to 75% have received 2 vaccinations of Pfizer of Modern and one of Johnson & Johnson.

Across the nation, New York state is planning to change fully vaccinated to include a booster, and many educational institutions and venues are starting to require proof of a booster such as the Metropolitan Opera and Goldman Sachs.

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