Health officials are advising of a norovirus outbreak on a cruise to Hawaii operated by Cunard.

The most frequent cause of gastroenteritis is the norovirus, also known as the Norwalk virus and occasionally referred to as” the winter vomiting disease.” Infection is distinguished by vomiting, non-bloody constipation, and belly pain. Additionally, illness or problems might happen.
Health Alert from the Hawaii Department:
On board the Queen Victoria cruise ship, which is scheduled to dock in Honolulu on February 12, the Hawaii Department of Health ( DOH) is closely observing a reported outbreak of gastrointestinal illness.
The symptoms seem to have developed between January 22 and February 6 while the ship was traveling between Florida and San Francisco. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ), as of Thursday, February 8, 129 passengers and 25 crew members had been reported ill.
Increased surface disinfection and isolation of sick passengers and crew members are examples of mitigating measures that have been put in place.
Although the illness’s origin has not yet been determined, its signs and spread seem to be comparable to noroviruses.
The U.S. Center for Disease Control ( CDC ) and the Hawaii Department of Health ( DOH) are still in constant contact, and more information will be made available as it becomes available.
The Cunard Line’s Queen Victoria, a Vista-class cruise ship, bears the name of the original British monarch. The ship shares the same fundamental architecture as Queen Elizabeth and other Vista-class cruise ships. She is the smallest of Cunard’s boats currently in service at 90, 049 total volume.
Claims from Cunard Cruise Line are never available on their advertising page, and they have not responded to eTurboNews.
Cunard Line informed them that” some customers had reported symptoms of gastric disease” on the fleet, which arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday after starts in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, and Aruba, according to the New York Times.
More than 150 passengers on the Queen Victoria’s 107-night world journey from San Francisco reported signs, according to authorities.
Following stops in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, and Aruba, Cunard Line, based in Southampton, stated in a speech to the UK media that” some guests had reported symptoms of gastric disease” on the dispatch. The ship arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday.
To ensure the safety of all passengers and crew members, the boat line “immediately activated their improved health and safety methods, and these measures have been successful,” according to the company.
According to the ship-tracking site Cruise Mapper, it departed San Francisco for Honolulu on Wednesday and was sailing off the coast of the United States on Thursday.
Hawaii authorities told eTurboNews that Cunard was being irresponsible by placing this health problem on our Island State when the ship is only a few hours apart from California.
News of a reduction in norovirus outbreaks was spread by cruise lines in 2009.
The number of norovirus epidemics on cruise ships is declining.
Due to the close proximity of passengers and crew members, which results in a higher frequency of group interaction, cruise ships are frequently associated with the occurrence of serious digestive illnesses, such as the highly deadly norovirus.
Outbreaks are discovered and reported more rapidly on cruise ships than on land, according to public health officials who monitor diseases there. SOURCE: Health Authority Alert: Cunard Cruise to Hawaii Virus Outbreak | eTurboNews |ETN  

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