” I’d like to personally thank you on the selection of your site, eTurboNews, by our international participants among the top 100 travel blogs and websites.” Anuj Agarwal, the CEO and founder of Feedspot, delivered this information to eTurboNews now.
On FeedSpot, 250, 000+ website blogs, websites, podcasts, and magazines are listed.
eTurboNews is ranked first in the universe for global travel industry reports.
Among all travel and tourism sites in the world, eTurboNews is currently ranked sixth in importance. According to the analysis of the list, eTurboNews is the top release in the world for the travel industry.
An unforeseen New Year’s gift is given to the eTurboNews group.
Juergen Steinmetz, the chairman, publisher, and CEO of eTurboNews, spoke on behalf of the entire team behind the company’s motto,” We’re happy to make it to the top-read travel and tourism-related news and information sites in the world twice in 2023.”
Editors at eTurboNews Fired Up
” Having all of us receive this information as an unanticipated New Year’s wonder.” It may inspire our committed international team to keep up our legacy as the travel and tourism industry’s most significant independent media source in 2024.
In the future, we wo n’t be afraid to refer to anything as a spade, including the underdog, and point out that tourism is an industry that promotes peace and makes significant contributions to the global economy, employment, as well as youth. We did keep highlighting the advancements, fresh possibilities, and contributions our industry makes to the world.
Without our committed team serving our devoted 2+ monthly readers 7 days a week, including New Year’s, all of this would n’t be possible.
Without PR experts, locations, and stakeholders who understand publications should have a share in” Earned Media,” it would n’t be possible.
Bless you, or as we say in Hawaii, MAHALO! SOURCE: 100 Top Global Travel Blogs: eTurboNews is ranked sixth among all of them.  

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