Kiribati Republic Takes the Forefront in Ringing in a Joyful New Year Globally!

Happy 2024 New Time! The Aloha State will ring in 2024 for the earth before any nation or region on the planet 24 days before the eTurboNews team opens cognac bottles in Honolulu, and Kiribati, a neighbor, will do the same.
As the first nation to ring in 2024, the Republic of Kiribati was recently welcomed by the entire world.
Kiritimati Island in Kiribati is the east of the Line Islands, a group of coastal islands in the Pacific. It is located 1250 miles, or 2012 kilometers, from Hawaii, the next place on earth where 2024 did begin exactly 24 hours later than Kiribati.
According to its pronunciation, the name is derived from the English term” Christmas” written in Gilbertese, giving Kiritimati, also known as Christmas Island, its current position in the world.
Samoa and Tonga, two of its neighbors, will carefully follow it into the new season. On December 31, 2024, Kiritimati Island did ring in the new year at precisely 10 am GMT, with Tonga and Samoa following an afternoon later.
A country made up of islands in the northern Pacific Ocean’s Micronesia region of the ocean is called Kiribati, also known as the Republic. As of the 2020 population, the nation has a continuous population of over 119, 000, with Tarawa Atoll housing more than half of it. 32 atolls make up Kiribati, and Banaba, a remote raised marine beach, is one of them.
The Kiribati commerce website states that the island is intended for tourists.
Those who are eager to learn new things, those who like to stray from the beaten path to uncharted territory, and people who want to understand a country rather than just examine it. Your idea of the best career will be put to the test by Kiribati, who will also show you a simpler way of life where family and community come first.
East of Kiribati, on Kiritimati Island, is known for its outstanding fishing opportunities, which include bone and sport fish. The Gilbert Group of islands in the west, on the other hand, provides customers with outstanding cultural activities that are unmatched by any other. Traditional webpages and objects in Tarawa, the capital of Kiribati, serve as reminders of the bloodiest battle of World War II, which took place at a time called Talawa.
At this time, the champaign bottles are empty. Kiribati, Happy New Year! Happy New Year, Planet Earth! SOURCE: The Republic of Kiribati has only assumed global leadership for a joyous new time! From: eTurboNews |ETN  

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