Coronavirus Caught up with the Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki

The Cheesecake restaurant in Waikiki remains open. It’s a fairly busy Friday night after a worker was diagnosed positive for Coronavirus today.

Some coworkers are refusing to report for work, and the General manager is referring all questions to Corporate Communication in California. Corporate Communication, however, is closed, while guests are having dinner at  this popular establishment.

Cheesecake Factory did release an official statement earlier saying: “Today, upon learning that an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 had been in the restaurant, we immediately notified anyone who had been in close contact with that person to self-quarantine. We also notified our other staff members that someone had tested positive. We have reached out to the local health department for additional guidance. The restaurant is cleaned nightly by an outside company and we are conducting an additional deep cleaning of the restaurant.”

The Cheesecake restaurant opened only a month for inside dining after they were allowed to open. Guests are given a link to scan on the phone to read the menu online. Social distancing is clearly observed judging from the table settings.

In normal times hundreds of waiting tourists are usually seen waiting to get a table outside the Waikiki Cheesecake Factory, but these are no normal times. There are usually no lines anymore, and tourists are mostly missing.

Despite following all the guidelines something happened today, and the restaurant is not clearly saying much but keeps the operation going.

This may be another warning how fragile the health situation is, and how irresponsible it would be to allow 30,000 people to land in Hawaii to go on a vacation after August 1

Governor Ige earlier today indicated he would make a decision on the planned opening of the State for tourism in August.

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