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Ala Moana mall fire: $6 million in damage at Bottega Veneta, Italian luxury store

Bottega Veneta is an upmarket Italian brand specializing in leather handbags, plus ready-to-wear women's & men's fashion.  There is a story on the 2nd level of Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu. On Friday a fire at this Italian luxury goods store caused nearly $6 million in damage. The fire started at about 12:25 p.m. and four employees extinguished most of the fire with a fire extinguisher. Ala Moana security also... Read More

ACLU: Female Athletes at Campbell High School file Federal Civil Rights Lawsuite

Two female student-athletes attending James Campbell High School (“Campbell”) filed a class action lawsuit in federal court against the Hawaiʻi State Department of Education (“DOE”) and the Oahu Interscholastic Association (“OIA”).  today. The lawsuit is brought under Title IX, also known as the Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act, a federal law that requires gender equity in education, including in athletics. The plaintiffs are represented by the ACLU of... Read More
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Interview with Dale Evans: Issues facing Hawaii’s transportation industry

Dale Evans of Charley's Taxi in Honolulu is a long-time leader in Hawaii’s transportation industry. Charley’s 80-year history, issues facing transportation in Hawaii, the City’s efforts to deregulate the taxi industry, the challenges faced by taxi companies in the age of Uber. Dale was a taxi driver in 1957 and proudly showed her badge during this interview. Today she is the CEO of the second largest taxi company in the State... Read More
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The Hotel Strike Must go on

Local 5 issued the following statement Friday night : Local 5 members have worked hard since the end of our contract in July to initiate a productive discussion with management about the core issues affecting our industry. We took a step forward tonight. There is a significant distance remaining, but we know that we’re walking with a strong community of workers and allies.Our strike will continue until further notice. Our picket lines remain strong... Read More
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The 2018 Hawaii Global Tourism Summit

The 2018 Hawaii Global Tourism Summit concluded on October 3 despite the management challenges at the Hawaii Tourism Authority. The remaining HTA staff rose to the occasion and produced a stellar annual event. With a theme of Charting the Course, the event presented a variety of exceptional national and international keynote speakers who addressed “the ever-present need of destinations and travel suppliers to continuously balance the power of tourism’s popularity globally... Read More
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Polynesian Culture Center now 55 years old

Today, the Polynesian Cultural Center is celebrating its 55th anniversary, marked by its continuing commitment to showcase the traditions, arts, music and cultures of Polynesia and its people. “Fifty-five years ago, the Polynesian Cultural Center embarked on a journey our founders envisioned as a uniquely rare opportunity to educate the world about the magnificent people of Polynesia,” said Alfred Grace, president and CEO of the Polynesian Cultural Center. “We celebrate this... Read More
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Request a pilot next time when calling Charley’s taxi in Honolulu

Do you prefer a pilot to drive you in Honolulu? It's not another tourist attraction, or is it? To request a pilot next time you need a taxi, call Charley’s Taxi at 808-233-3333. In some countries, taxi drivers have to be able to control their cars on ice. There is no problem with ice on Hawai's roads, but Hawaii has some of the roughest roads in the United States, and floodings... Read More
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Global Tourism Summit Honolulu: Are you Tourism Safety Certified?

Become Tourism Safety Certified is an important message at the upcoming Global Tourism Summit in Honolulu at a session on October 3. George D. Szigeti, HTA president and CEO, said, “This session is a must-do for any organization whose operations are dependent on public safety and security, especially during an unexpected crisis. These panelists have dealt with the aftermath of major tragedies and will provide valuable advice and recommendations that every destination... Read More
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Would a green wave traffic system have prevented a serious accident in Honolulu today?

A middle age man was seriously injured this afternoon when he was hit by an SUV on Nimitz Highway by South Marina trying to cross the 6 lane road using a clearly marked crossroad. A witness posted this to his Facebook: "Shocking! Driving on Nimitz Hwy towards town and by South Marina across from the harbor, a guy was trying to cross the 3-lane at each direction Nimitz Highway using the... Read More
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Daily Workout in Waikiki NO Gym necessary

Marco has been a professional fitness instructor for more than 25 years. Equipped with a top German diploma and a unique approach to only use your own body - you can say goodbye to expensive gym memberships. Marco says: "I train exclusively with my own body or body weight to correct deficits in the muscular area with full-body exercises and coordination training. I always use movements from everyday life and always... Read More