Japan’s US Customs and Border Inspection

After an all-night trip to Hawaii, Chinese visitors to Honolulu may already be able to complete U.S. immigration and customs procedures there, avoiding lengthy lines.
According to Governor Josh Green, Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Hawaii is the main point of entry for visitors from Japan to another Hawaiian Islands. Prioritizing immigration before exit aims to make entry easier, possibly allowing for quick links or continuations to nearby islands like Hawaii’s Big Island, Maui, and Kauai.
Under the Visa Waiver regulations, residents of Japan and Korea are permitted entry into the United States; they only need to submit an online ESTA application before doing so.
In August, fire wreaked havoc on Maui, leaving more than 1000 people dead or missing. Governor Green emphasized how important increased hospitality was to the island’s financial recovery and how visiting Maui may hasten the process of rebuilding.
Chinese tourists have been slower to return to Hawaii than visitors from other countries. Governor Green explains this in part by pointing out that the yen has a lower price than normal and that younger people have less attention in traveling.
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of Chinese arrivals was not higher than it had been. Some Chinese tourists have been considering various beach destinations in Asia as alternatives after the pandemic.
During the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Japan and South Korea established a pre-departure immigration clearing system that is similar to the one currently being thought about with the State of Hawaii.
According to reports, the United States is hesitant to set up immigration procedures abroad, and it will be up to the federal immigration authorities in Washington to decide whether to do so.
According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, Chinese visitors to Hawaii spent$ 1.65 billion between January and September 2019 and$ 608.5 million during the same time period in 2023.
Governor Green stated his intention to promote travel between Japan and Hawaii in order to strengthen this relationship and emphasized the historical value of Asian tourists due to their historical respect and substantial spending.
The Chinese Visitors ‘ Alternative to Guam
Guam is aggressively pursuing the Asian market, so Hawaii is in opposition even in the Pacific.
Many people view the U.S. country, which is only about 3 hours ‘ journey from Tokyo, as a miniature version of Hawaii, with its related culture and stunning beaches.
An overnight flight from Tokyo to Honolulu takes longer than 8 days. Guam’s U.S. Customs and Border Control have been praised for being quicker, simpler, and more adaptable. Typically, customers who disembark in Guam remain there.
When GOGO Guam was on display at the Tourism Expo in Osaka last month, it was a great victory for the Guiam Visitors Bureau.
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