Kidnapping and killing kids is a crime.

Hawaii is where America vacations. With its distinctive story of the Hawaiian Kingdom still intact and a paradise on earth, many contend that Hawaii is the most tranquil and laid-back position in the nation.
Israel and Gaza are engaged in a bloody battle on the other side of the globe, by the clear waters off the Mediterranean Sea.
The majority of visitors to Hawaii do not want to think about this, but it became a reality next Sunday on the coasts of the blue Pacific Ocean, with Mai Tai Cocktails and surfing catching waves on Waikiki Beach.
While weather demand worldwide, and particularly in the Middle East, has significantly decreased, planes to Hawaii are still fully loaded.
Israel-Gaza battle engulfed Paradise
The clash in Waikiki on Kalakaua Avenue with the two Hyatt Regency towers in the background received little attention from the local press.
Hawaii’s Israeli population
Jewish residents of Hawaii range from 8, 000 to 10, 000, or 0.5 % of the country’s total population.
A much larger audience was yelling and waving Israeli flags on the opposite side of the same sidewalk from the well-organized protesters from this neighborhood on Oahu.
Now, we are all Palestinians.
Both groups brought loudspeakers and occasionally yelled at one another, but the opposition went on in peace because officers from the Honolulu Police Department told people to walk instead of stand.
HPD’s goal is to protect with Aloha, as it was demonstrated on Sunday.
It was a peaceful protest because the U.S. First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech. Some members of the opposing parties were seen meeting with one another and having serious discussions, but there was no crime or fatalities.
Identifying the popular basis:
It is illegal to kidnap and kill kids.
Israel and Gaza in Hawaii
Bring them inside.
Jewish supporters displayed a gallery of images of all the people who were abducted by Hamas on October 7 in Waikiki Beach’s Queens Beach area. For the kids, there were many teddy bears.
Teddy bears for Gaza and Israel
In Waikiki, there were even more buddy bears in honor of the children that the Israel Defense Forces had killed on Gaza’s roads and facilities as retribution for the theft of Jewish children.
Protesters waving enormous Jewish flags in response to yells from Palestinians on the beach of Kalakaua Avenue:
Stop killing infants, quit killing children, and prevent attacking medical facilities.
Bring our kids house, Israeli followers retorted.
SOURCE: Kidnapping and killing kids is a crime, and it’s also illegal in Hawaii. 

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