Paul Brown dead, age 74

Paul Brown passed away today in San Francisco after fighting cancer. He was 74 and the owner of Paul Brown Salon in the trendy Honolulu Kakaako neighborhood.

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For three decades, Paul Brown Hawaii pioneered botanical-drivened straightening systems and shine-enhancing formulas for hair while meeting the highest standards of the beauty industry. Founded in Hawaii in 1985, our haircare company was the first to address multi-culture hair types and textures.

Inspired by Hawaii’s tropical flora, celebrity hairstylist Paul Brown created a botanical-driven system for all hair types. He was motivated by Hawaiians who use the bounty of the land and surrounding waters for health, beauty, and total well-being. Kukui Nut Oil was applied to the skin and hair to moisturize and protect it. Through nature, they maintain their healthy, shiny hair into their golden years despite exposure to the sun and trade winds.

Paul worked closely with leading biologists and chemists to identify the secrets behind their beautiful hair. The collaboration resulted in our HPFC™, a blend of 12 unique, nourishing properties from island plants and sea essences. Combined with Kukui Oil, Paul Brown Hawaii is formulated specifically for salon professionals, seeking to service each client’s unique hair and needs.

Paul Brown Hawaii formulas rely on naturally derived botanicals, sea essences, and omega oils to transform hair. His signatureHPFC™contains 12 extracts: arrowroot, banana, coconut, guava, awapuhi wild ginger, kelp, lemongrass, papaya, passion flower fruit, raspberry, sandalwood, and watercress. These micro-nutrients work with Kukui Oil to keep hair looking young.

Paul Brown Hawaii was the first to utilize Kukui Oil and Awapuhi, a naturally soapy wild ginger used for centuries to cleanse Hawaiians’ hair. Kukui Oil (a natural UV protector) is used to heal burns and protect skin from harsh UV rays. Hawaiians slather this nourishing emollient onto their skin and hair. This liquid gold boasts the tiniest molecules of all oils, allowing it to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to hydrate and restore shine naturally.

Hawaiians have relied on Kukui Oil’s restorative powers for centuries. Packed with nutrients, it rejuvenates and penetrates hair follicles without adding weight. Its tiny molecules “drive” beneficial botanicals deep into hair. So, instead of just coating hair, our formulas work from the inside out for long-lasting results.

With more than 45 years of experience in the professional beauty industry, Paul Brown was a successful master hairstylist, educator, and businessman. His Paul Brown beauty line is known worldwide.

His worldwide success had its start when he opened his first hair salon in Honolulu in 1971. 

Brown made his mark in the industry with his revolutionary thermal hair straightening system and flat iron.

In the 80s Brown developed the successful hair care product company that bears his name, combining his industry experience to create a multicultural line using Hawaiian plants and sea essences.

The line is currently sold in professional salons all around the world.

Brown recently retired as vice president of the ISBN, or the International Salon/Spa Business Network, where he worked for over a decade to affect positive change for the beauty industry, its businesses, and the countless people working within it.  

Brown was often asked to present educational seminars around the world, including Asia, Italy, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Germany, and many others. Paul Brown is also well known in his beloved islands for his extraordinary charitable efforts and contributions to the state of Hawaii. 

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