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Engelbert Humperdinck returns to Hawaii after 36 years

Engelbert Humperdinck is returning to perform in Hawaii 36 years after he sang to a sold-out crowd at Neal Blaisdell Center Arena in 1982. He returned to the Sheraton Waikiki in 1987 for a special fan celebration-luau and celebrated his (belated) 50th birthday with his friends and family in Honolulu.

In celebration of Humperdinck’s return to Hawaii, Mayor Kirk Caldwell will present Engelbert Humperdinck with a special Proclamation declaring “Engelbert Humperdinck Day in Honolulu” with music, hula, and of course, flowers. The presentation will be at the Halekulani with friends, select fans, and VIP guests invited to attend and share in this special celebration with Engelbert.

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Response to Humperdinck’s return to Hawaii has been overwhelming, and his first show in Hawaii after more than 30 years at the Hawaii Theatre will be filmed for a national public television special. The show will begin airing in December 2018 through 2019 with some holiday favorites added for the December airings. His first show at the Hawaii Theatre sold out in just a few weeks, a second show was added to meet public demand.

Humperdinck comments: “This is a very special honor to return to Hawaii after so many years and be presented with a Proclamation and a day named in my honor from Mayor Caldwell. Hawaii has always had a hold on me. Hawaii is a fragrant, melodious and relaxing favorite destination. I have many wonderful memories of vacations with my family, chilling out with my toes in the beautiful, soft sand. This all started my love affair with the islands. I remember the days when I’d hang out on the beach with Lana Turner and Tom Selleck and then go to see Don Ho and other local talent including a very young Bruno Mars who did an Elvis song at my birthday party. And like my dear friend Elvis, I finally will realize my dream to do a TV special from Hawaii. I look forward to sharing all these special moments with all my fans and friends.”

“As ‘My Music’ enters its 20th year on public television, we are making two dreams of mine come true. We are recording our first special in Hawaii, a place that’s an integral part of my spiritual journey in life and to work with the amazing Engelbert Humperdinck. Engelbert’s music throughout my life has been a constant of beautiful love songs and lush arrangements — he defines the divine and sings what’s in our hearts – I’m so excited to share in his special day and especially the journey, mahalo,” says TJ Lubinsky series creator, executive producer and director of public television’s most successful fundraising programming musical franchise in history.

In a career spanning almost 50 years, Humperdinck has sold more than 140 million records worldwide, including 64 gold and 35 platinum albums, four Grammy nominations, a Golden Globe, and stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Las Vegas Walk of Fame, and Leicester Walk of Fame. He has performed for the Queen four times, several presidents and many heads of state. He has recorded everything from the most romantic ballads to movie theme songs, disco, rock, and even gospel. His unique voice has charmed millions of fans around the globe with hits such as “Release Me,” “Quando Quando Quando,” “After The Lovin’” and “The Last Waltz.” However, it’s not just the voice, but the man himself, with his endearing sense of humor and self-deprecating jokes.

Humperdinck original hit song Release Me held the No.1 spot in the U.K. chart for six weeks in 1967, preventing The Beatles single Penny Lane from reaching the top (and breaking their four-year run of chart toppers). Release Me was the highest-selling single in 1967, spending a record-breaking 56 weeks in the charts and hitting the No.1 spot in 11 countries. Last year, he hit the charts again when his 2-CD Anniversary Collection Release Me debuted on the on the U.K. Billboard album chart at No. 5, making it the eighth top-five album of Humperdinck’s career.

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