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Uber speechless: Charley’s Taxi CEO Dale Evans fights back

Charley’s Taxi made Uber utterly speechless, and this is how. First of all, not all taxi companies are created equal. This becomes very clear when looking at the transportation industry on the island of Oahu in Hawaii

With almost 80% of ride shares falling under the likes of Uber and Lyft, and just a little more than 20% falling under taxis, the perception is that Uber and Lyft are always more economical and more efficient. Dale Evans, CEO of Charley’s Taxi and Limousine on Oahu, however, is fighting back. She has a lot more to show than empty words, and even her words alone left Uber speechless.

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Award-winning Charley’s Taxi has been in business for 80 years since 1938. It is managed under the watchful eye of CEO Dale Evans, who recently shared some of her pride for her 70-year-old company that she feels for the operation of Charley’s with eTN publisher Juergen Steinmetz.

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