Ex HTA Chief returns to Hawaii tourism

DBEDT is the Department of Business, Economic, Development & Tourism in Hawaii and also responsible for the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA).

Mike McCartney was head of HTA from 2009-2014 and was promoted to serve as the Governor’s Chief of Staff in 2014.

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As is par for the course for decades in the State of Hawaii, many leading positions are shifted around among the same individuals. Now McCartney will be in charge of DBEDT if the Senate confirms.

McCartney started his tourism career, after being a 10-year Hawaii Senator in 2009, when he was appointed to lead the agency responsible for the largest industry in Hawaii.

Prior to serving as the CEO for HTA, he was the Executive Director of the Hawaii State Teachers Association. He also served as the Director of the Department of Human Resources Development Management and was President and CEO of PBS Hawaii.

“This department is focused on achieving an innovative, sustainable economy for our state. Mike’s vision and past experiences make him the ideal person to lead this department and create economic opportunities for the future,” said Gov. Ige.

“As the world and global economy change, Hawaii has to find its way to the future so the next generation can also choose to call Hawaii home. That’s the work of this department. It’s an honor to be in this position,” said McCartney.

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