Hawaii Island Lives and Livelihood From Tourism At Risk As Kilauea Volcano Eruption Escalates

HAWAII ISLAND: If Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii Island goes into what is now predicted as “a new cycle of violent eruption” with massive smoke, fumes and poisonous Sulfur Dioxide gas and equally poisonous Hydrogen Sulfide gas, when the trade winds eventually shift, Maui and Oahu could also be at risk for the potentially deadly vog. Gas levels are being carefully monitored and reported on and additional evacuations could occur should the conditions continue to deteriorate.

Acid Rain has become a real possibility due to the forecast of rain for the windward side of Hawaii island Thursday  and Friday. Sulfur dioxide gas from the volcano’s vents reacts with water to create acid rain.

Local meteorologists say, “A change in prevailing winds could send Kilauea’s volcanic smog, or vog, northwest to Maui and other islands in Hawaii.” This would be a nightmare situation that could last for weeks or months.

U.S. News reported, “Geologists said Kilauea may be entering a phase of explosive eruptions not seen in nearly a century that could hurl ‘ballistic blocks’ weighing up to 12-tons for half a mile (800 meters), shoot pebble-sized projectiles for miles and dust downwind towns with volcanic ash and vog.”

The lava flow is now only a few miles from and headed towards the one Geothermal power plant in Hawaii which was shut down several days ago. The operator, Puna Geothermal Venture, has “moved more than 60,000 gallons of the chemical pentane away from the Lower East Rift Zone of Kilaunea volcano early this morning, easing fears that the Pentane might be ignited by a lava flow.”

Hawaii Governor David Ige issued an emergency proclamation related to the geothermal power plant and is “creating a team to review the existing Emergency Response Plans and to “develop a specific mission strategy deemed appropriate to mitigate potential impacts from lava.” Governor Ige has appealed to the Whitehouse for disaster relief.


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