How Navy water system users in Hawaii can weigh in via survey

All individuals affiliated with the U.S. Department of Defense are invited to participate in a survey to learn more about the experience of people who have been affected by the petroleum contamination in the U.S. Navy’s Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam drinking water system. 

The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (CDC/ATSDR) Assessment of Chemical Exposures (ACE) survey was previously only available to the civilian population affected by the water contamination. The survey is now available to all affected persons, including those affiliated with the Department of Defense. 

Additionally, people who work, but do not live in the area may participate. Parents and guardians may complete the survey for children who attend schools or early care facilities served by the Navy water system.

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam water distribution system users who were affected by the contaminated water and would like to participate in the survey can do so here or contact the CDC/ATSDR team at 404-567-3256 or [email protected]. The survey will be available online through February 7, 2022.

“We are very pleased to open this health assessment survey to all people affected by the water contamination,” said Hawaiʻi State Department of Health Toxicologist Dr. Diana Felton. “This expansion will help us better understand the health impacts of this contamination event and determine what steps are needed to protect public health. We appreciate the hard work and flexibility of the CDC/ATSDR team as the scope of the project expanded.”

“We hope to reach as many people as possible who were affected by the water contamination,” said Dr. Patrick Breysse, Director of the CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health and ATSDR. “Expanding the survey will help us better understand the range of people’s health concerns.” 

“We appreciate the partnership of our fellow federal agency, the Center for Disease Control, to ensure everyone impacted by this situation is surveyed and accounted for,” said Vice Adm. Yancy Lindsey, Commander, Naval Installations Command. “In addition to those who are not affiliated with the Department of Defense (DOD), it’s important to note that DOD uniformed, civilians and their family members also ensure they are registered with both the CDC and the DOD efforts.”

“By including the entire community, the CDC/ATSDR team will collect the most robust picture of the exposure impact.” said EPA Region 9 Administrator, Martha Guzman. “EPA supports this public health work and encourages all impacted residents to participate.”

The survey will include questions about ways people were exposed to the contaminated water, health symptoms they experienced, and medical care they sought. It also will cover impacts on the participant’s children and pets, health status prior to the water contamination, and ways to contact the participant in the future. Participation is voluntary and participant identities will be kept confidential.

The information gathered from the health assessment will further the understanding of how the contamination impacted the health of Hawaiʻi residents. Results will be summarized in a report that will be made publicly available.

Click here to download a flyer on the survey.

ATSDR’s Assessment of Chemical Exposures (ACE) program helps state and local health departments conduct rapid epidemiological assessments when toxic substance spills or chemical emergencies happen. For additional information about ACE, click here.

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