HPD Chief heard screaming when receiving the COVID shot

Today was a good day for Honolulu and Hawaii. 88,000 expected vaccine doses are already in Hawaii or on their way and today at Leeward Community College, some lucky first responders received the vaccine.

Among them Honolulu Chief of Police Susan Ballard. Mayor Kirk Caldwell said she is a tough lady, but she was heard screaming in this video when receiving her shot.

A proud mayor Kirk Caldwell also witnessed Shirley Ann Cazinha, Paramedic, Honolulu Emergency Services Department (HESD), Manuel P. Neves, Fire Chief, Honolulu Fire Department, Chief of Police Susan Ballard and Deputy Chief Aaron Takasaki-Young, Honolulu Police Department (HPD), Dr. Jill S. Omori, MD, the City’s Infectious Disease Officer, and Gloria Fernandez, Hawai‘i State Department of Health, Public Health Nursing Branch to get the vaccine shot. Was it painful? Watch the video.

This afternoon Officials are meeting to work out who will get the vaccine first.
The good news, Chief of Police Susan Ballard was smiling after all and an important chapter in the fight against Coronavirus was opened today in Pearl City.

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