Immediate Action Plan for Maui Recovery is Approved by Hawaii Tourism

The approval of an instant 6-month action plan for 2024 to assist in resolving significant issues facing people, small businesses, providers of the customer industry, Maui’s market, and families looking for housing is this assistance.
The action plan is intended to carry out tourism’s duties under the direction of Governor Josh Green, M. D., and within the broader context of Maui recovery efforts being carried out by the State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism ( DBEDT ) and other state agencies. In their capacity as the State’s Economic Recovery Support Functions coordinator, DBEDT will be given access to the full report from HTA that identifies significant strategies and not only short-term but likewise middle- and long- term recommendations.
The 2024 plan, according to HTA Board Chair Mufi Hannemann, strikes a delicate balance between the urgent needs of getting Maui’s economy back on track for the benefit of workers and families and the sensitivity that HHA’S efforts wo n’t jeopardize those principles. This overall strategy, which will lead HTA forward in the upcoming year, has been developed with a great deal of consideration and listening to people and businesses throughout Maui, according to Chair Hannemann. ” To ensure that the programs and improvements that HTA puts forward are fast and geared to inspire future success, we will be accommodating and make necessary adjustments throughout the year.” Although we are optimistic that Maui’s tourism sector will soon start to see good results, the goal of this plan is to pique the interest of responsible visitors to the island throughout 2024 and above.
Following the August 8 fire, HTA has been implementing a Malama Maui battle, and its program for 2024 focuses on 7 crucial strategic places.
The following are the most important steps to support Maui’s sector and enhance the quality of life for locals:
Through Maui treatment advertising programs that place a strong emphasis on malama ui in the US and Canada, travel to Hawaii can be made more visible and actionable by focusing on high-potential markets.
By enhancing the GoHawaii .com website and app with additional information highlighting Maui’s openness and assisting in subsidizing booth space or membership fees at street shows or travel industry events geared toward go advisors who reserve travel, businesses can help businesses in maintaining a consistent message that the city is open for visitors.
Create regional communication to let Maui residents know that many of them want to go back to full-time employment and that doing so opens the door to a significant economic recovery. The message will be spread widely on television, radio, and social media, reaching businesses, Maui residents, stakeholders in the customer market.
Enhance attempts to communicate with visitors after arriving in Malama, Hawaii, and create messaging that is more tailored to the Maui site and addresses some of the post-wildfire changes.
• Support Maui small firms that are seeing significant revenue declines as a result of fewer visitors by funding the island’s markets for the products produced by the state and promoting them throughout the U.S. West Coast marketing strategies
• Increase Maui’s hospitality offering to support local businesses and offer new customer activities by opening up opportunities for visitors to explore various tourist-friendly areas of the island and fostering capacity-building for small businesses.
Increased connection with out-of-state temporary vacation rental owners encouraging them to book to uprooted Lahaina residents will help support longer-term housing for households affected by wildfire.
Mahina Paishon, vice chair of the HTA Board, emphasized that the immediate and long-term well-being of Maui’s citizens and people will continue to be a major priority with the program. Vice Chair Paishon said,” We fully understand the doubt and fear that many people are feeling about their coming with Maui’s treatment, and we appreciate people for sharing their mana’o]thoughts and ideas. ” One of the main goals of our labor will be to ensure that HTA is friendly, mindful of community sentiments, and effectively addressing concerns raised by people about tourism’s role in Maui recovery.”
Daniel Nho’opi’i, the interim president and CEO of HTA, stated that the company is adopting a systematic approach to how Maui may be distributed worldwide, noting that feedback from residents, nonprofits, and businesses serves as the basis for messaging and public outreach initiatives. This includes remarks made at a group meeting on Maui on December 4 that more than 200 residents attended, online input from over 100 people, and numerous extra meetings with local business and community leaders.
In addition to their current duties on behalf of the State of Hawaii, the recently approved activity plan’s existing vendors will be mainly responsible for carrying out the work to support the plans.
To increase our efforts to make Maui and all of the Hawaiian Islands a popular travel destination in 2024, our team is moving rapidly, efficiently, and effectively.
We are frequently asked by tourists and travel agencies what they can perform to assist Maui, Nho’opi continued. Travel to Maui with respect and compassion, and take advantage of your time on the island, is often our response.
Nho’opi’i continued, “HTA has identified four important measurable results for the application of its 2024 program, summarized as follows:
Encourage pono, conscious journey, and boost area visitor numbers in 2024 and 2025.
In 2024, more tourists will visit all Pacific Islands, boosting the state’s economy and assisting Maui in his treatment.
• Make sure that Maui occupants are still included in the conversation about the treatment of tourism.
• Increase work by working with other departments and agencies to complete more positions in the guest industry.
According to Nho’opi’i, tourism plays a significant part in Maui’s economic recovery because it supports firms and enables some people to support their families. ” Working with Governor Green, DBEDT, the Legislature, and our board of directors, we look forward to HTA continuing to re-establish Maui’s value as a destination for travelers from around the globe in 2024.” 

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