Today! tremors in Southern California and the Hawaiian Islands

A 5.1-strong earthquake with a depth of 16 miles struck at 5.54 p.m. local day, or 10.54 amEST.
Hawaii experiences frequent disasters, but 5.1 % is unusual for Hawaii.
The USGS classified the earthquake as mild with only minor damage anticipated. The earthquake, which was registered 13 m SSE of Volcano, Hawaii, a small city that served as both the tourist destination and the entry point to the volcano National Park, has not yet been linked to any reports of problems or injuries.
Just 10 days later, another earthquake was only felt in Southern California, 1 to 2 miles from Fullerton. Users of eTurboNews in that area reported the vibration, and some of them left their homes and businesses.
” Everyone in the diner is freaking out because of the disaster,” a user comments.
There were 3.48 solid earthquakes in California.
This is a developing tale; eTurboNews will make any necessary improvements public. SOURCE: Right away! disasters in Southern California and the Hawaii Islands 

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