Sheraton Kauai hotel workers ratify union contract

UNITE HERE Local 5 members who work at Sheraton Kauai voted overwhelmingly yesterday to ratify a union contract that covers over 200 workers. This is the 8th Marriott-operated hotel in Hawaii to reach an agreement with Local 5, after Marriott workers led a historic nationwide strike in 2018.

The contract is modeled after the contract agreement that was reached on November 27 with Kyo-ya, which owns five Marriott-operated hotels. Beginning in October 2018, nearly 2,700 workers at the five hotels went on strike for 51 days with the demand that one job should be enough to live in Hawaii. It was part of a nationwide strike, involving over 7,700 Marriott workers from 23 hotels in eight cities.
Sheraton Kauai workers also authorized a strike, but they did not go on strike when nearly 2,700 Kyo-ya workers began striking on October 8. But the “One Job Should Be Enough” message nevertheless resonated with Sheraton Kauai workers.

“The Sheraton Kauai workers are grateful to the Kyo-ya workers who went on strike and paved the way to a great contract for everyone. We love Local 5!” says Edwin Pascua, a doorman at the Sheraton Kauai.

The new union contract includes job security; reductions in subcontracting of staff positions; worker involvement in the implementation of new technology and automation; a child/elder care fund; a reduction in workload for housekeepers; an increase in wages, an increase in pension contributions; and an increase in health and welfare contributions.

Collective bargaining agreements at 20 Local 5 hotels expired in 2018. With eight union contracts settled and 12 more hotel contracts remaining, the “One Job Should Be Enough” campaign continues. Local 5 now turns its attention to making one job enough for other hotel workers, other Local 5 members who work in healthcare and food service, and the broader community of working people.

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