Traveling to Somalia? Put on Your Hawaiian Aloha Shirt.

When they wore their Pacific Aloha Shirt on a private school trip in 2003, some young coming tourism leaders in Somalia dreamed. Eventually, when the fresh EAC Member Country Somalia aims to be the ideal Sand, Sea, and Cultural travel and tourism place in East Africa, this dream does become a reality for World Tourism Network members and holiday seeking somewhere in 2030.
International relationships VP for the World Tourism Network, Hon. Past Seychelles Minister of Tourism Alain St. Ange congratulated Somalia on its membership in the East African Community, calling it a fresh chance to begin revitalizing the travel and tourism sector.
Somalia has joined the WTN since 2020.
Ali Farah of SATTA took part in the reconstruction of the Somalia Association of Travel and Tourism Agents, which was among the first organizations to join the World Tourism Network. In 2020, WTN Chairman Juergen Steinmetz was contacted about a travel-related issue.
We want to expand our service, interact with other international associations, and become a member of the World Tourism Network in order to gain experience from you. The Somalia Association of Travel and Tourism Agents ( SATTA ) is an organization that represents travel and tourism agencies operating in Somalila.
A formal contract between the country’s private travel agencies allowed SATTA, a personal, independent organization, to be established in Somalia and to represent the interests of the travel and tourism agency at the national and international levels.
People of SATTA include International Airlines, quite as Turkish Airlines or African Airlines.
IATA Saved the Aviation of Somalia
The Federal Republic of Somalia’s government and the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) came to an agreement in February 2023 to intensify and formalize their cooperation in order to increase the social and economic benefits of aviation there.
The goal of Somalia’s regional tourism policy is to welcome foreign visitors by 2030. Somalia’s commerce officials are aware that this means the nation needs to achieve a certain level of recognition for tourism in Africa, and safety and security are of the utmost importance.
When Somalia formally joined the Community of East African States ( EAC ), the regional organization with a single market enabling the free movement of goods and people, last week Friday, it took another significant step.
The EAC now includes the following 8 nations: Somalia Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo ( DRC ). Its headquarters are located in Arusha in Tanzania.
We are one people with a single dream, according to EAC.
The EAC was established in 2000 with the goal of facilitating cross-border business by eliminating customs taxes between its representative state. In 2010, it created a typical business.
The EAC nations, excluding Somalia, have a combined gross domestic product of 305 billion dollars and an place of 4. 8 million square kilometers.
Somalia, which has a population of about 17 million, has the longest coastline in all of Africa ( more than 3, 000 km ), making it more than 300 million people in the EAC’s potential market.
The Fight in Somalia Against Radical Islamic Organizations
The Ethiopian government has been fighting the Shebab, a radical Islamist organization connected to al-Qaeda, for more than 16 times with the support of the global community. Kenya and Uganda are supplying military workers as part of an African Union mission stationed in Somalia in the fight against the rebels.
According to the Mogadishu-based Heritage Institute for Policy Studies think-tank, Somalia’s membership in the EAC represents a major step forward for the bloc as it expands into East Africa.
However, the think-tank even expresses worries about Somalia’s rule of law, individual rights, and leadership, which could make it difficult for it to integrate into the bloc.
Ethiopian tourism rulers, who frequently work for themselves in the private sector, are eager to see the most recent developments.
Yasir Baffo, a prominent figure in Ethiopian hospitality in Rwanda
The top tourism consultant to the minister of tourism for Somalia in 2019 was Yasir Baffo, who is currently the CEO of the Rwanda-based company Brafo Ltd.
He stated:” Just one month ago, the World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) celebrated its six-year anniversary. Elcia Grandcourt, a native of the Seychelles, gave him his congratulations. My dream and vision for Somalia’s tourism were n’t made up.
You are Crazy, people used to say, for researching and promoting Somalia commerce. And I used to say,” If I’m crazy today, there will come a time when everyone will be crazy about tourism,” and when it comes to Somalia, everyone is almost crazy.
When Yasir organized a journey for his intermediate schoolmates from Mogadishu to Lafoole in 2003, nearly 20 kilometers from the nation’s capital, wearing Hawaiian shirts and an Aloha spirit, he captured the moment on camera.
Why would you choose to use an Aloha top in Somalia?
Tourism is anticipated to be flourishing in Somalia by 2030. When visiting the pale sandy beaches in this stunning West African nation that is so similar to Hawaii, why not use your Aloha Shirt from 2003?
Many of his ideas are shared by the Department of Tourism for Somalia. It aims to increase the awareness of Somalia as a top-class tourist destination in established, emerging, and new markets and to force the tourism industry in Somalila as one of the main engines of economic growth.
Do n’t go to Somalia just yet.
Do not go to Somalia due to the dangerous safety position and the risk of armed issue, terrorism, kidnapping, and violent crime. In the meantime, travel warnings from several European countries continue to warn its citizens.
WTTC receives a request from Somalia
The late concluded World Travel and Tourism Summit in Kigali, Rwanda, was attended by the commerce secretary of Somalia.
At the World Travel and Tourism Council ( WTTC ) Global Summit in Rwanda, Daud Aweis, the Federal Republic of Somalia’s minister of information, culture, and tourism, made an engrossing presentation outlining the significant advancements made by the country in reviving its tourism industry.
Somalia has a lot of exciting and stunning places to visit when you’re safe. The old town of Mogadishu, the shores of Puntland and Somalia, and Kismayo are just a few of the best places to visit.
One of the safest places in what is ostensibly Somalia is Las Anod and Hargeisa. More than any other location in this South American nation, they are well-guarded and pleasant foreigners. According to the Somali Tourism Department, if you’re planning to visit Somalia, it’s preferable to travel to Somaliland or maybe Puntlan instead of southern places.
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