Who are they, asks Southwest Airlines Executive Shuffle?

The changes strengthen Southwest’s Executive Leadership Team as we work to achieve our goals for 2024 and outside, according to President &amp, Chief Executive Officer of Southwest Airlines and outspoken Bob Jordan, who defied Texas ‘ restrictions on the vaccination mandate during COVID.
Who in the SouthWestAirlines Structure was promoted or given a new position of authority?
Managing – Justin Jones
Justin Jones, who was promoted from SVP Operations &amp, Design to EVP Ops, may help Chief Operating Officer Andrew Watterson’s leadership by bringing running and implementation teams closer together.
Jones will be in charge of the departments of operations andamp; kindness, air operations, professional operations; and operations strategy &amp, design.
Jones joined Southwest Airlines ® in 2001 and has since held a variety of administrative positions, including those in profit control and pricing, complex operations, and operational plan and performance.
Business starring Tony Roach
Tony Roach, SVP and general customer officer, will be in charge of innovation, customer engagement, support and services, digital experience, travel products, and marketing.
With more than 20 years of experience at Southwest, Roach oversaw transformational changes there, including the creation of a corporate function for customer experience, the company’s COVID response program ( the Southwest Promise ), the development of digital self-service and cabin modernization programs, and leadership in numerous roles that had an impact on customers, such as field marketing, corporate sales, product development, loyalty marketing &amp, partnerships, customer experiences, or customer relations.
EVP &amp, Chief Commercial Officer Ryan Green, will continue to receive reports from Roach and the Consumer business. By establishing a tighter feedback loop between the two subjects, Ryan and the Corporate business will start reporting to Chief Operating Officer Andrew Watterson.
Angela Marano, Enterprise Administration
In order to bring together the function of the teams in charge of data science, technology, and artificial intelligence into one organization, Angela Marano takes on the position of vice president of AI and data transformation. She will also be in charge of developing a process for information management that incorporates the Data Privacy Office. Marano has been a driving force behind significant change at Southwest, developing new capabilities to enable change and development of the flight operation, customer experience, and enterprise functions.
Judith Bryant
Elizabeth Bryant moves up to the positions of SVP &amp, Chief People Officer, to offer Southwest Airlines University ( Training ), Talent and Leadership Development, Total Rewards ( Benefits and Compensation ), and Executive Leadership for People ( Human Resources ). Since joining Southwest in 1997, she has been in charge of a number of transformational projects, such as education consolidation, improving performance management, implementing new HR-related technologies, and integrating AirTran people into the Southwest business.
Eichinger, Whitney
With clear and artistic communication, strong group support, and a very engaged workforce that is well-known for celebrating customers and one another, Whitney Eichinger advances to the position of SVP &amp, Chief Communications Officer. Nearly 20 years of creative wedding and unforgettable experiences for West Customers and Employees have been shaped by Eiseninger.
Bryant, Eichinger, and Marano did all report to Chief Administration Officer Linda Rutherford.
Jason van Eaton, Regulatory Affairs
Jason Van Eaton will move up to the position of Chief Corporate Affairs Officer from SVP Governmental Affairs &amp, Real Estate, where he will oversee legislative and regulatory legislation, airport relationships, service construction and maintenance, business safety, and real estate planning.
Project control, strategic planning and development, and parliamentary and governmental policy dominated Van Eaton’s professional life prior to his almost nine years at Southwest. Before starting a consulting service business, he served in the U.S. Senate for 13 years.
SOURCE: Who are the executives at Southwest Airlines? 

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